Renew Your Membership, Save Even More Money

Congratulations, your renewed SCCA membership card has come in the mail! Grab it, rush out and hit your next event – right?

Not so fast! Of course, you can do that, but don’t forget to take a good peak inside the envelope. At renewal time, you may find valuable coupons from up to 15 of our friends and partners hiding in there.

When we say coupons, we’re not talking about 50 cents off a candy bar that isn’t worth the hassle to save.

How about: 10% off at Summit Racing? A free three months of membership at iRacing? $10 off at Advance Auto Parts with a purchase of Valvoline oil? A free baseplate with the purchase of an Apex Unit from ApexPro? Up to $75 off a Braille Battery? $20 off from Hawk Performance? Discounts on driver coaching from Racers360, or cheap subscriptions from RACER and Grassroots Motorsports Magazine, or discounts on SCCA Gear or KONI accessories? Or employee pricing on a brand-new Mazda?

No joke, there are thousands of dollars in savings in that envelope, most of it on products that you might be using anyway. Take a look inside when you renew and remember – you’re not spending money on your race car, you’re saving money on your race car!

Renew Here!

Photo by Perry Bennett