ProSolo Added To National Solo Schedule

We just announced three new Tire Rack SCCA Solo Championship Tour events for the remainder of the year, but there’s one more event being added to the National Solo schedule.

November 6-7 will bring a ProSolo-1 to Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton, GA.

ProSolo-1 is a modified, single-course version of the traditional ProSolo that utilizes the stage lights, shot clock and tree, along with the rapid pace of a ProSolo as drivers will make all of their morning and afternoon runs without going back to grid. Each driver will get three runs in the morning heat and at least two runs in the afternoon heat. The best times in each heat will be added together for the final score. 2020 ProSolo classes will be used.

Registration will open September 30th at 3pm CDT for all participants. The Entry Cap is set at 150. The ProSolo-1 event will include set up and practice starts on Friday and a full Saturday of competition; the Atlanta Region SCCA is hosting a traditional local event at the same site on Sunday, November 8.

This event has been scheduled with the understanding and expectation that National, state and local COVID-19 restrictions will not change. Entrants should keep an eye on for any changes to schedules or entry caps as events near.

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Photo by Perry Bennett/