2019 Speedway Motors Tire Rack Solo Nationals Video

For the last several years, our pals at Speedway Motors have produced an awesome music video capturing the excitement of that year’s Tire Rack Solo Nationals. 2019 is no different, and the Speedway Motors video has been released! And as usual, it’s really, really cool.


The 47th running of SCCA® Solo Nationals saw 7,644 dry runs, and the smallest margin of victory ever. It was an absolutely great event, again. And knowing that winter weather has already engulfed a large swath of the country, we’re sure lots of you Solo® enthusiasts will use the video below to fuel warm memories while waiting for winter to run its course.


But don’t worry, the 2020 Solo season isn’t as far away as it seems. In the coming weeks, Sports Car Club of America will be unveiling 2020 Tire Rack ProSolo® and Championship Tour schedules to give you hope. But in the meantime, enjoy the video!