VIR Hoosier Super Tour Registration: Important Message to All

Registration for the April 12-14 Hoosier Racing Tire SCCA® Super Tour event at VIRginia International Raceway is now open. There are some important topics to cover as we head into this event, which is expected to have record attendance.

The first message is one that we introduced before the 2017 Runoffs at Indianapolis, and that is that success at these big events requires patience and teamwork from everybody.

When there are hundreds of racers trying to get into the paddock all at one time, it will take patience. This year, our hosts from SCCA’s North Carolina Region have put a tremendous amount of effort into developing a paddock parking plan and have worked closely with the Runoffs® paddock crew to execute the plan. The north area, including all the pavement, will be pre-reserved. Like the Runoffs, this is done to get as many racecars into that area as possible. There are specific paddock request requirements and deadlines for prep shops, teams and low ground clearance cars.  Please make sure you read the supplemental regulations to understand how that process is going to work.

On Track
There are some unique on-track procedures at VIR as well. The track safety team will not perform “hot pulls” during a session. A hot pull is the removal of a car from a dangerous location under a local yellow. This policy was put in place several years ago in response to concern about over-driving in yellow zones. With VIR, a race organizer has two options—either stop the session (black flag or full course yellow) or utilize VIR’s “Virtual Safety Car” procedure where all cars need to slow to a specified speed around the track (similar to Virtual Safety Car in Formula 1). We will NOT be using “Virtual Safety Car (VSC)” for the April race or the Runoffs for a variety of reasons. That means our only option to get safety vehicles on course is to go, at minimum, full course yellow.

This is where the teamwork becomes very important. Drivers, we need to work together to keep our sessions green. Contact leads to disabled cars. Disabled cars require tow trucks. Tow trucks require the session be slowed or stopped.

We will be implementing some new procedures during the event to try to keep things moving and maximize your on-track time. Please look for additional information coming from the Race Director and Region as we approach the event.

You will notice that there are nine race groups on the schedule based on the projected event entries. Thank you to everyone that responded to our surveys over the winter to help with this planning. As is noted on the schedule page, this is subject to change based on subscription.

Event Information
The official Hoosier Super Tour event page is at Links to pertinent information are available on this page in the menu, as well as a link to registration through MotorsportReg (red button).