Five Things to Know About Time Trials Nationals

The inaugural Time Trials Nationals, scheduled to take place Sept. 28-30 at NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky, is less than two weeks away!  Here are five reasons you should be planning to join the party if you haven’t registered already!

1) Awesome track.  While there are several tracks around the country that would be well suited for an event like this, NCM Motorsports Park is a near perfect blend of fast and technical, offering competitors the type of variation that will keep them both entertained and challenged.  From the tight and twisty, to the long straights and flowing offsets, this track will not disappoint.  It’s also kind of cool that it’s across the “street” from the Corvette Museum.  You know, in case you’re into that sort of thing.

2) A bevy of trophies.  There are a total of 16 classes in which a competitor can compete.  From bone-stock Miatas to purpose-built, full-on track rats, there is a place for all to play.  And while each of those classes offer a trophy for taking the win, there are a bunch of “Special Trophies” that will be handed out. These include: Top Novice (which is given to the best finishing position in a class from the novice group), Top Time of the Event, Top Time Street Legal, Top Time Driven to the Event, Workers Choice (voted by the flaggers), Spirit of TT (for an individual who embodies the purpose of the program), True Grassroots (given by the crew at Grassroots Magazine for a participant that is excelling at embodying the spirit of a Grassroots effort), and Top Time Classic (given to the fast time set by a vehicle made before 1979, or is a continuation of that model line.)

3) Party time!!  Days of quality competition are best complimented by evenings with great friends, good food, and maybe an adult pop or two.  Event partner Hagerty is sponsoring a Friday night dinner to help kick the event off the right way.  And while the food and drinks will be supplied by a local brewery, the bench racing is totally “BYOBR.”

4) Karting! Yes, you read that right!  Yo! We heard you like racing! So, we are putting some racing in your racing so you can race while you race.  Compete for real, or just for laughs – It doesn’t matter as long as you’re having a great time with your fellow participants! And what better way to do that then to hop on the small track and battle some more in go karts!!

5) Have we mentioned that this is the inaugural event?  From what we remember from our time spent book learnin’, that means it’s the first.  And who doesn’t want to be first?!  Pretty sure the solid majority of us are gunning for that on a regular basis.

This year’s Time Trials Nationals opens with track lapping sessions for testing, practice or licensing and finishes up the first day with a point-to-point competition on the circuit. The second day begins with 20-minute, timed lapping sessions on track, followed by more point-to-point events in the afternoon. The final day of TT Nationals will encompass both timed lapping sessions and point-to-point runs. Overall, there will be plenty of track time and lots of fun to be had.

So, come join us at the first Time Trials Nationals. With folks coming from places like California, New York, Florida and even Nebraska, we are sure that if you don’t run into an old friend, you are bound to make a new one.  If you haven’t gotten your spot yet, it isn’t too late.  Registration is still open!  Just click HERE.