Date: September 27, 2018 - 12:00 AM CDT to September 30, 2018 - 12:00 AM CDT
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Event cost: $371 ($350 entry + $21 KY Online Sales Tax - 6%)

Three 20-Min Grand Full Lapping sessions (Friday)
Four 15-Min Grand Full Scored sessions (Saturday and Sunday mornings)
Three TrackCross Elements (Saturday and Sunday afternoons)
Dinner/Socials Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nights
Thursday Evening Track Walks
Event T-Shirt

Does not include Transponder Rental ($20) -

What you need to know about Time Trials Nationals:

1- First and foremost, TT Nationals is an experience.  Our mission is to deliver the best possible experience we can both on and off the track.  There will be socials each evening, track walks, t-shirts and elements designed to keep the event fun and engaging at all times.  On track you will be participating with drivers of your experience level, regardless of class.  This will ensure that you are getting the best possible driving experience in all sessions. 

2- TT Nationals is also a competition.  Whether you are competing for a class win, a podium or just a personal best, timers will be running at all times at TT Nationals.  Times from previous sessions will be used to set the grid for the next session to ensure you are with drivers at your pace and to minimize traffic management.  We will trophy the top three in each class as well as the overall top times in the event.

3- TT Nationals is a National event, but it is not a National Championship.  In SCCA, to have a National Championship a program must have rules and classing approved by the Board of Directors.  This event is a pilot event that is running with an extensive set of supplemental regulations for classing and event procedures and within the safety and event requirements of the Time Trials Rulebook.  As such, we will not and cannot crown National Champions at this event.

 4- TT Nationals competition consists of 5 elements.  This is not a ‘set your best time and park it event.’  Friday sessions will be used to set the grid for Saturday.  Saturday morning you will get two sessions on the Full Grand course to set your best time.  Saturday afternoon you will get 3 runs on an East Course TrackCross, and 3 runs on a West Course TrackCross, your best time from each will count.  On Sunday, two more sessions to set a best time and then a full lap TrackCross with your best time counting.  These 5 scored sessions will make up your total time, with the lowest time winning.  So, to win TT Nationals you have to step up to the challenge 5 times.

5- At TT Nationals, we use the “same team” philosophy: If you read and understand only one thing about this event, please let it be this- we are all on the same team.  The workers, the drivers, the officials, crew, family, friends and even the track staff are all coming together this weekend with one shared goal- to have fun with cars.  

 To achieve this goal as a community, we need to make sure we do a few things:

  1. Follow the rules.  The rules are there first and foremost to keep things safe and fair.  Staying within the boundaries ensures that everyone has an opportunity for a positive event experience.
  2. See something/say something.  We all have ownership in this event, and we all want to make sure that it goes best case.  If you see something that concerns you, or an opportunity to improve the event, your experience or someone else’s, speak up.  This is particularly true in the case of things that can affect event safety or operations.
  3. Do your best.  This is a competition, and we should all strive to do our best.  However, this is not an environment appropriate for trying to grasp what is beyond our reach.   I think of it as a yard stick- come to an event and see how you measure up.  But, trying to make a mark beyond yourself is a sure way to end your event on the tiltbed.
  4. Be excellent to each other.  This event seeks to create a community of like-minded, fun seeking automotive enthusiasts.  The success or failure of the experiment will rest in our individual investments in one another. 

It should also be stated that the Same Team Philosophy is not just what we as event organizers expect from you, it is also what you should expect from us in how we manage the event.

2018 SCCA Time Trials Nationals Schedule (Subject to Change)

Thursday September 27
7:00 AM – 5:00 PM SCCA Starting Line School (Separate Registration)
5:00 PM Gates/Check-in opens for SCCA Time Trials Nationals
Friday September 28
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM 20-minute unscored lapping sessions for practice/seeding on Grand Full course. (Best time sets grid for first scored session.) 
Saturday September 29
8:30 AM Two 15-minute Scored Lapping Sessions on Grand Full course 
TBA Lunch
TBA Three runs - East Course Point-to-Point (Best time counts)
TBA Three runs – West Course Point-to-Point (Best time counts)
Sunday September 30
8:30 AM Two 15-minute Scored Lapping Sessions on Grand Full course
TBA Lunch
TBA Two runs – Point-to-Point on Grand Full course.

Cancellation Policy:

If you need to cancel, email Cancellations before September 15th will receive a full refund. Cancellations on September 15th or after will receive a 75% refund.

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