Two New SCCA RallyCross Classes Named

Back in 2017, the RallyCross® Board (RXB) decided to add two new car classes to this year’s National RallyCross competition. The RXB held a contest to name the new classes and accepted suggestions.  RXB Chairman Steve Hyatt said the board recently voted on the submissions and it was decided the classes would be called Constructors Two-Wheel Drive (C2) and Constructors All-Wheel Drive (C4).


“With growth of the RallyCross program, there was a group of competitors who wanted to be able to use their skills to build a RallyCross-specific vehicle, which is why these two new classes were created,” Hyatt said. “It will be fun to see what ingenuity evolves in the C2 class, and the C4 competition will be, well, dynamite!”


With the addition of these two new Constructors classes, there are now 11 different competition classes across four categories in SCCA RallyCross.  Each class is eligible to compete in regional and national events, including DirtFish SCCA® RallyCross National Challenges and the DirtFish SCCA RallyCross National Championship being held October 12-14 at the National Balloon Classic venue in Indianola, Iowa.


According to SCCA RallyCross rules, the Constructors Category is intended for fourwheeled vehicles altered in excess of the Modified Category allowances, such as dune buggies, sand rails, tube frame/chassis vehicles, kit cars and similar types of custombuilt vehicles. Engines must be naturally aspirated, internal combustion, passenger car or light truckbased, and with no more than four cylinders or two rotors. Motorcycle, ATV, UTV and similar engines are not allowed.


A roll cage meeting or exceeding the current SCCA GCR requirements for Showroom Stock/Improved Touring roll cages or the current requirements of another sanctioning body approved by the SCCA is required.  Installation of a scattershield, chain guard or explosionproof bell housing is required on any vehicle where the failure of the clutch, flywheel, or torque converter could create a hazard to the driver or passenger. Chain drive cars must be fitted with a protective case/shield to retain the chain in case of failure.


A fourpoint or greater restraint system (SFI or FIA rated) shall be used by all occupants during competition runs. A front windshield or rear window is not required, however, if so equipped, the windshield must be made of automotive safety glass or polycarbonate/Lexan and securely mounted to the vehicle. If the vehicle is not equipped with a windshield, all occupants must wear full-face helmets with face shields or goggles, gloves, and arm restraints.


A full rundown of rules for the new Constructors classes can be reviewed online in the 2018 SCCA RallyCross Rules handbook.