The 2021 SCCA®  RallyCross Rules are available on-line by the SCCA® to our members, entrants, volunteers, and anyone interested in learning more about the regulations governing SCCA® RallyCross Competition. 

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RallyCross Rulebook


RallyCross Member Advisories



The RXB approved the following clarification (errors & omissions) to the non-OEM hardtop roll bar/cage requirements in Modified:


Vehicle Classification - Modified Category - 3.3.E.3.j. - A non-OEM hardtop of a type substantially similar to the shape, design, construction, and weight of the OEM hardtop may be used if the vehicle is equipped with an approved a roll bar built to current SCCA Time Trials specifications or better or a roll cage built to current SCCA Improved Touring specifications or better.