The 2016 SCCA®  RallyCross Rules are available on-line by the SCCA® to our members, entrants, volunteers, and anyone interested in learning more about the regulations governing SCCA® RallyCross Competition. 

The 2015 SCCA® RallyCross Rules are available in Adobe® Acrobat® format. With the free Adobe® Reader software, users on any computing platform can navigate, scale, zoom-in, and print PDF files directly within their web browsers.

RallyCross Rulebook

  • 2016 SCCA RallyCross Rules
  • 2016 RallyTrials/RallySprints Rules
  • 2016 SCCA RallyCross Safety Steward Training Program
  • Disclosure Form
  • Submission period for RallyCross Rules for the 2016 season ends June 15. If you have any ideas, get them in before the deadline. Submit requests

    RallyCross Member Advisories


    Disallow Divisional Stewards from signing their own sanction request. This creates a checks and balance systems in the sanctioning process.


    Review and issue final approval for issuance of SCCA sanction when standards have been appropriately met for event regulations. Any sanction request where a Divisional RallyCross Steward is listed as Chairman, Event Organizer or Regional Executive/RE Designee will be approved by the Chairman of the RXB or their designee.


    The insurance carrier never approved the rule change made in 2015. This change puts RallyCross in line Solo’s rules, which have been approved by the carrier.



    One (1) passenger is allowed to ride in an approved seat located in the forward-most occupant area of a vehicle that has passed tech inspection (3.3A-N) and is registered for competition on that day. The passenger must be no younger than ten (10) years of age and The passenger must be 12 years old or at least 57” tall and must meet all liability waiver requirements outlined below. The passenger must be wearing a helmet that fits correctly and meets the requirements of 6.3.P of the current SCCA RallyCross rules. Safety restraints/seat belts must be in proper working condition and adjusted to fit the passenger (3.2.H). 




        C.  Stock Category Preparation allowances:

    2.   Tires must be U.S. Department of Transportation(DOT) approved and display the applicable DOT symbol and Tire Identification Number label.  Tires marked “For competition only”, “Not for street use” or similar are not allowed.  No part of the tire may be modified or altered from its original form, either through addition or subtraction, other than normal wear.  No studded tires are permitted at National events unless ice or snow is present; Regional and Divisional events may allow studded tires any time. Studded tires may not be homemade using bolts or screws.  Only street-legal studs are allowed.  Alternate tire sizes are allowed but tires may not interfere with any parts of the car (fenders, fender liners, suspension, etc). Inner tubes are considered an integral part of the tire.


        E.  Modified Category Preparation Allowances

    3.   All non-essential components may be removed, replaced or relocated for the purpose of weight reduction or balance with the following requirements:

    e.  Side and rear windows may be removed or replaced with Lexan or equivalent; however, a convertible hardtop must retain the OEM rear window removal of the rear window from a convertible hardtop is prohibited. Windshield may be replaced with Lexan or equivalent with addition of a full roll cage built to SCCA Improved Touring specifications or better.


     2015 SCCA RallyCross National Championship Stock Front tire appeal decision can be found here


    The RXB approved the following addition to the 2015 RXR as an Error and Omissions-


    a.       Physically disabled drivers may use alternate vehicle controls and prep­aration items appropriate for the nature of their disability. In the case of a driver using alternate controls, extra care should be taken to ensure that the driver does have adequate control of the vehicle and that the control mechanisms can stand up to competition use. A waiver from the SCCA® RXB is required for the use of such equipment in Divisional or National events. Requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

    The driver must make the Event Chairman and Event Safety Steward aware of the approved request prior to starting competition.

    RXB competitor bulletin for Modified Allowances- click link