RallyCross Gains Two New Classes

TOPEKA, Kan. (Aug. 24, 2017) -- The SCCA’s RallyCross Board has approved the creation of two new car classes that will be accepted at all regional competitions starting immediately, and will be added to 2018 National RallyCross® events.

The new “Open Category - Two-Wheel Drive” and “Open Category - All-Wheel Drive” classes are intended for vehicles altered in excess of Modified Category allowances; such as dune buggies, sand rails, tube frame/chassis vehicles, kit cars and similar types of custom-built vehicles.  The new category’s entire ruleset can be reviewed at the SCCA RallyCross webpage.

“RallyCross remains one of the SCCA’s fastest-growing programs on a regional level,” said Mike Cobb, SCCA® President and CEO.  “These two new classes expand SCCA RallyCross into non-production vehicles, which will hopefully further accelerate the program’s growth.”

Open Category engines must be internal combustion, passenger car or light truck-based, and with no more than four cylinders or two rotors.  Motorcycle, ATV, UTV and similar engines are not allowed. A roll cage is required that meets or exceeds current SCCA GCR requirements for Showroom Stock/Improved Touring roll cages or the current requirements of another sanctioning body approved by the Sports Car Club of America®.

The rules state a minimum track of 42 inches, measured from the center of the wheels, is required for both new classes. Open Category vehicles can have a maximum height that is 90 percent of the average track width measured at the highest point of the roll cage. The minimum wheelbase is 72 inches measured from the center of the wheels.

Each wheel/tire must have a fender/mud flap assembly that covers half the tire’s circumference.  When viewed from above, the fender must cover the entire width and diameter of the tire. The fender/mud flap assembly must cover the width of the tire when viewed from behind and extend to the rear of the tire with the bottom edge of the assembly no more than four inches from the ground.

A metal roof skin of mild steel with minimum thickness 0.069 inches or aluminum with minimum thickness of 0.100 inches must cover the top of the roll cage between the front and rear main hoops. The roof skin shall be securely fastened to the roll cage, but the drilling of holes in the roll cage to attach the roof skin is prohibited.

Exterior body panels of metal or other fire-resistant material must cover the top side of the chassis.  When viewed from above, the area between the front of the chassis to the base of the windshield and the area between the roll cage main hoop to the rear of the chassis must be covered with body panels.  Body panels must also cover each side of the vehicle between the front roll bar hoop and the rear roll bar main hoop, excluding any side window areas, and such panels may also serve as driver’s compartment panels if made of metal.  Additional body panels are allowed, as well as vents and openings to accommodate engine cooling, air intake and exhaust.

Stephen Hyatt, Chairman of the RallyCross Board, noted that all other Modified Category modifications are allowed in the Open Category.

"With growth of the RallyCross program, there was a group of competitors that wanted to be able to use their skills to build a RallyCross-specific vehicle,” Hyatt said. “After looking at numerous options, these two new classes were created. It gives competitors the freedom to create, but restrictive enough to keep our safety record.”

Again, the full set of rules for the new Open Category can be reviewed at the SCCA RallyCross webpage.

Photo Credit: Rupert Berrington