Slick DirtFish Tips Because Winter Ain’t Finished

Winter is nearing its end --- hopefully.  But there is still time for Mother Nature to coat the roads with ice and snow in certain parts of the country, making daily driving downright scary and dangerous.  But with some tips from DirtFish -- the most prestigious rally school in all of North America and title sponsor of the DirtFish SCCA RallyCross Challenge program and DirtFish SCCA RallyCross Championship -- drivers just might be able to weather wintery roadways.

Recently, DirtFish Lead Instructor Nate Tennis offered up a few driving safety thoughts for colder months.

“First and foremost, slow down.” Tennis advised. “Slippery conditions increase the amount of time and distance it takes to stop and/or slow down. There is less available traction for your car to stop, turn and accelerate, so any inputs while on snow and/or ice will take much longer than even in the rain. Slowing down allows time to process situations, reduces a vehicle’s tendency to continue straight, and if nothing else, limits how long it takes to stop.”

More written tips can be found in an article at  Of course, it’s always better to get in-car, in-person instruction.  Thankfully, SCCA members receive 15 percent off any DirtFish school when using the special, members-only code found on the SCCA Member Benefits webpage.  Sign up today to improve winter driving skills and, well, just have some fun sliding around the DirtFish facility in beautiful Snoqualmie, Washington.

Photo Courtesy of DirtFish