2017 Tire Rack Toledo ProSolo: 5toGo

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With the relentless Chrome F5ing over and done with, we're now starting to get geared up for the Toledo ProSolo. It's central location, grippy concrete, and plenty to do make this generally *the* hard event to get into for us on the east coast.

Toledo is unique in that among many of the other east coast events, there's much more going on. Cedar Point is a short drive away, making it a popular destination for roller coaster fans either the Thursday before, or the Monday after the event.

While there's plenty of food in nearby Maumee, where most folks tend to stay for the event, the real bonus is the on-site food truck, serving up various BBQ creations, making lunch easy, even for the busiest ProSoloers. They also got around the garbage can prohibition for Ohio sites, and provide a place for you to throw your trash away!

Generally, Toledo lends itself to fairly open courses, which should be a real treat for those of us on the east coast that generally don't see the speeds and distance between elements that exist out in Nebraska and the West Coast.

It also does a great job preparing you for the potential weather irregularities of Nebraska come September, with 2015 providing monsoon rains, and 2016 sweltering heat. The only thing you can be assured of is a spectacular event.

Hope to see you in Toledo come June!