It’s Safety First for Safety Stewards

The safety of drivers, crew personnel and volunteer workers is of utmost importance for the Sports Car Club of America®.  At Club Road Racing weekends, the task of keeping an eye on safety is the responsibility of every single person, especially the Safety Steward.


Chuck Warren, a 25-year SCCA® member from the Houston Region, holds the Safety Steward duty this weekend during the Hoosier Racing Tire SCCA Super Tour stop at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.


“A Safety Steward really has responsibility for the safety of everybody on a track during a weekend,” Warren said.  “If a driver has an incident on course, the Safety Steward needs to find the driver and ensure he or she gets any treatment they need.  If a crew person has an issue in the pits or paddock, you’ve got to be aware of it.  If a Flagger sprains an ankle while out on track, we need to make sure that person receives treatment."


There is an intricate chain of trust in place during a race weekend, according to Warren.  Drivers must have trust in their crews and the workers. Flaggers must have faith in drivers and the work of Tech Inspectors.  The dedicated work and skill of everyone involved is what creates the bond amongst SCCA members, and the Safety Steward works to make sure that trust doesn’t falter.


Warren got involved in the Club years ago after coming across another member who was an aerospace engineer, Jay Wright.  Warren went on to work on Wright’s race car, was a crew chief, and a Spec Miata racer.  He also volunteered his time with the SCCA as a Flagger and Starter before becoming a Steward.


“Being a Steward allows you plenty of room to enjoy the technical side of our sport,” Warren said, “but it’s really the interpersonal stuff that keeps me coming back.”


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