2017 Tire Rack Championship Tour Ladies Heat Pilot at Dixie

For the first time at a Tire Rack Championship Tour, all Ladies Classes will run in the same heat during the Dixie Championship Tour. This pilot is intended to boost camaraderie and allow for the same support and competitive encouragement as seen at Tire Rack ProSolo® events.

In addition to the traditional class scoring and awarding of trophies, the Ladies participants will be scored in a Ladies Index. The winner of the Ladies Index will be able to count the win towards eligibility for the Solo Triad. Howard Duncan, SCCA Senior Director of Rally/Solo, noted supplemental trophies will also be awarded to top finishers in the Ladies Index.

“A great atmosphere has developed on the Ladies ProSolo grid since allowing participants to run together,” Duncan said. “The goal of the Ladies grid at Champ Tour events is to mimic this environment and provide a supportive place where drivers want to participate.”

This is one of many initiatives aimed at supporting the growth of Ladies participation in SCCA Solo® events. The Ladies Heat model will be used at both the Dixie and College Station events. After which, the program will be evaluated before the series continues at Crows Landing.

The Run/Work order will be created with the needs of Ladies Heat participants and their Open co-drivers in mind. For most events, some Open classes without equivalent Ladies entries will be in the same heat to balance heat sizes and worker responsibilities.