Date: March 17, 2017 to March 19, 2017
Address: 2521 U.S. 41 Highway, Adel, GA, 31267

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  • South Georgia Motorsports Park
    2521 U.S. 41 Highway
    Adel, GA 31267
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    Katie M.

    What's the deal for spectators?  I can't find any info on admission and the track is clueless.  My husband and I are interested in joining SCCA and wanted to come watch this weekend.

    Kurt A. Janish

    Just show up .   No admission charge- just sign a waiver at the gate. If you have questions just ask almost anyone. They can direct you to the ones in charge. Have fun !!


    Lawrence Pulliam

    My work run SUX!! Work 4th run 5th???

    James L Repech

    Where did you find work/run groups

    David Dreezer

    Jim, scroll up and click the link for the 2017 Dixie Ct Event Supps under the regiser here button.

    Personally, I don't mind running later. I'd be a little unhappy if I were running first or second group. Too cold for my tires.

    Lawrence Pulliam

    Don't mind running late don't like working heat right before running!!

    Michael Christopher Young

    Is there a place to park and stay in your RV? 

    Stephen Seymore

    Yes, many people stay on site through the weekend.  Water and Electric are not available in these areas, so please plan on self contained camping.

    Jerry Ledford II

    When will the contingencies be available?  I tried today and everything was blank?

    Randy Adkins

    When does registration open for Dixie event. 

    Andrea Albin

    Registration for Tire Rack National Solo events opens on the Wednesday 6 weeks prior to the event. Therefore, registration opens next Wednesday, February 1st.