Heads & Tales: Brett Madsen

(Editor’s Note: This is another installment in the series looking at the stories behind helmet designs of SCCA members.  Want to share your story?  Jot down a few words about your helmet, share a bit about what went into creating the design, tell us about the artist, take a couple pictures of the helmet and send it along via email to media@scca.com)

SCCA® Solo® racer Brett Madsen has a helmet that looks fast even when standing still.  Chromed in certain places, the design has a fluid feel that just looks slick.

“I strongly believe that a driver's helmet can show their creativity and personality,” Madsen said.  “For my helmet design I wanted something unique and rarely seen.  So, I hooked up with Gary Watson at Creations n' Chrome for my helmet design.

“I painted the design in 3dsMax first to ensure it would be something I'd want to wear on my dome, then sent Gary the pictures of the design,” Madsen continued.  “I chose a blue/green scheme because ever since I was a kid I always loved the look of blue/white/green combinations and it just fit oh so well on the helmet. The chrome was just the right amount of ‘flash’ for me as well, and I joke about using the helmet's reflections to blind my competitors.”

Photo Courtesy of Brett Madsen