Changes to 2017 Runoffs Qualification Path

Topeka, Kan. (Nov. 14, 2016) -- The SCCA Board of Directors has decided to simplify the qualification path for the 2017 SCCA National Championship Runoffs taking place in September at the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

After receiving feedback from the membership, the BoD has opted to remove “points” criteria for Runoffs qualification as pertaining to the U.S. Majors Tour.  Instead, racers must simply compete in three U.S. Majors Tour weekends, but also now have the option of substituting two Regional race weekends for one U.S. Majors Tour event.  John Walsh, Chairman of the SCCA BoD, also said that each Hoosier Racing Tire Super Tour weekend still counts as one U.S. Majors Tour weekend.

“The Board felt it necessary to make it easier to understand what is required to receive an invitation to the Runoffs,” Walsh said.  “By making expectations simple and clear, competitors will know from the very beginning of the racing season what it takes to get to Club Racing’s premier championship event, the SCCA Runoffs, starting in 2017 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.”

The Divisional Championship path to the Runoffs remains unchanged, as well as the policy welcoming defending Runoffs winners.  It should be noted that while the road to the Runoffs has been simplified, firm qualifying rules will be in effect stipulating drivers be within a percentage of a class pole time at Indianapolis Motor Speedway next year.

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Michel Strickland

I have asked around in a lot of places and am still looking for an answer, maybe here will help.  I am new to SCAA, (maybe, maybe not - When I ran SCCA events in the '60s, I cannot recall if I joined or bought a track day membership.).  I have a 1966 Mustang built to race, but I would like to pay a scrutineer to look it over to be sure I don't haul a two thousand mile round trip and never get a lap.  Is there anyone who can direct me to a number I can call to arrange for the appropriate person to see my car in the Portland OR/ Vancouver WA area?

Thank you.

Robert Armington

so if I run 1 major event and 1 super tour on west coast and then COTA down south do they all count towards my qualification for Indy runoffs ?

Hayes Lewis

I would like to know what % of pole time is going to be required to make the race.  90% of the starters in the Prod classes were within 112% of pole time, but a few folks in the back were at 115-118%.  Would be nice if they set the rules before the season.

Paul F Jensen


Since everyone at the "home office" hibernates in the off season I'll answer your question. The % of pole requirement has been in every Runoffs Sup regs that I have ever read.  This year it was set at 115%. If a competitor fails to meet it he can ask for a waiver.  I've seen this happen a few times where someone had terrible luck in Quailifying with a car clearly capable of competing but was unable to post a complete lap.  The supps will be posted long before registration opens. Hope this helps. 

Hayes Lewis

In most classes just about everyone who wanted to go to Runoffs was able to quailfy in the past.  However I'd like to know what the percentage of pole time rule is going to be. It's been a long time since Qualfiying required more than showing up.  This just makes it obvious.  It isn't 1980 anymore. 


James Stevens

12 of the 28 classes at the 2016 Runoffs had 15 cars or less starting. Of those 12 classes,most started less than 10. It was like watching paint dry. Something has to be done to start populating those classes. I used to love racing my ass off all year to secure a top 10 position in Division and an invite to the Runoffs, but those days are over. I'm all for trying anything to bring racers back to the track.

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