Gaining an Edge in the Offseason: Nutrition

The term ‘offseason’ is used in all sports, but is far from a description of what athletes should be doing in that time to keep the competitive edge. Like all other sports, auto racing demands a great amount of physical fitness and health. The offseason provides an ideal time to focus on those elements of your competitive program and gain an edge before the New Year comes around.

Simon Hayes of Performance Physixx gave key nutritional keys and tips in a recent Winding Road feature, focusing on the key food groups that drivers should focus on. One of the factors of racing that sets drivers apart from other athletes is the heat and fatigue associated with events. While professional drivers almost always have trainers and nutritionists to plan specific meal and fitness plans for them to prepare for events, club racers must typically rely on themselves for this conditioning. Simply monitoring proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals in conjunction with a physical fitness program can dramatically change how prepared a driver is when the season begins.

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