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  • Angus Crome

    If anyone knows of a better spot on the track surface to lose your steering wheel than the entrance to the S's, please let me know.

  • Scott Hileman

    Great video thanks for posting. Scott hileman #85 crx

    • Angus Crome

      Was great meeting you and racing with you Scott.  Hopefully, next time, you'll be in your own car, without the disadvantage.  Was an absolute blast, even if we were relegated to the rear of the pack.  Plenty of racing to be had back there as well.

  • Darryl Saylor


    I had a blast racing with you at the Runoffs.  I'll try to come to St. Louis again next year so we can race again. 

    See you soon

    Darryl Saylor

    #73 HP CRX

    • Angus Crome

      Yeah, that was a lot of fun.  Sorry about that Dive Bomb, didn't realize there was a dip in 12, so I basically became airborne, and didn't get any grip at all when I tried to turn.  Least you stayed on the track through that.  I will probably be venturing a bit wider next year, so may run across you other places as well.  As for Gateway, I hope we get a race in there next year, as they just repaved "the Oval at least".  Having a meeting about it end of this month to discuss.