SCCA Majors Group 5  HP/FP/EP/GTL/B-spec
Sunday Race
Perspective of Car #42 VW Golf GTI
Checkered Passed Racing

Impact at the 20min mark Results/HPT May/sun/Gr 5 EP HP FP GTL T4 STL B-Spec - Official Race Day2.pdf

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Angus Crome

Impact occurs at 20:06

Angus Crome

Sunday's race was both better and worse.  Car(driver) was much smoother around the track, but I managed to get into some contact about mid-way through the race which forced me off-track but did no real damage to either car.  All in all, I'm pretty happy with how today went, and the weekend overall.   Once we got some rubber down on the track, and started getting some actual grip, the times improved, and the level of competition got better.  I'm pretty happy with the track itself and the facilities at HPT.  Definitely going back.