2017 SCCA Runoffs - HP Race

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It is cool, Ali. I agree.
Indy should be the Runoffs Track forever...
Congratulations on your First Runoffs!!! Finished 19th Rachael Kullman add 17th Christopher DeShong!!!!!
Congratulations Rachael Kullman - Finished 19th and Christopher DeShong- Finished 17th!!!
They both did great -- at some point Christopher passed Rachel -- that must have been interesting!
Whole STU field is good people.
Chris Childs/AngrySheep prepped Huffmasters STU/STL champ winning cars, many others.
Big shout out to Chris Childs there! Go Angry Sheep!
Congratulations Rachel Kullman - Finished 19th and Christopher DeShong - Finished 17th. Our CFR Racing Family Young Racers!! I'm sure there will be a pit kiss and hugs agree that!!!! They are "A Item" ;-)
The first Leatt I've seen used in a while...
Why did they say "See you next year?" Isn't HP coming up? What? No Mazdas run in HP, so shut down the broadcast? ;)
Why did they sign off? HP is coming up!
Norm, I think that was Rick B saying "see ya," Just like Greg C did on the previous race... They're done and gone
There is a Mazda in HP: Mark Brakke in a Mazda 2
1.6 Miatas also IIRC
Dorsey, Dorsey, Dorsey....yes, they did make convertible Rabbits. They were called.....Cabrios.
Cummings and Camilleri spun ! turn 1
That's not the same VW Cabriolet that was backwards at Daytona in 2015.
Linn runs the same car but changes motor between FP and HP
I see HP is doing its usual part for local mosquito control in Speedway :)
LOL about the stupid left hand!

The only right hand drive car I've ever driven on track was still right hand shift, a Daytona Prototype... So shifting was fine, but I almost dropped left side wheels a couple times.
Keyboard warriors! An announcer's best and worst friend...
Yes! There is reason NASCAR boys add left side weight, or even build the car offset.
No not at all Thank you for the information. JL
Looks like Jason's "prediction" in his interview of "Leading the class to the checker" is coming true.
Fantastic job covering all the Runoffs action. The website is better than F1, IndyCar, IMSA, etc. Dorsey rocks!
Sad to see that Datsun 1200 punted by the beter driving backwards Volkswagen
The Datsun is a 210. I race an identical car in the Central Fla Region, SCCA. Congrats to Dan Mueller on his great effort! Go Datsun!
Norm, No Mazdas, No broadcast.

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