Date: September 25, 2017 to October 01, 2017
Address: 4790 W 16th St, Indianapolis, IN, 46222

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The SCCA National Championship Runoffs head to Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the first time in 2017. The event is unprecedented for both the Club and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, pitting the amateur National Championship event on an iteration of the same 14-corner, 2.592-mile road course that hosted the Formula One World Championship and the Verizon IndyCar Series’ Grand Prix of Indianapolis. The road course, of course, utilizes part of the famed oval that hosts the Indianapolis 500.

The Runoffs will return to the west coast venue again in 2018, visiting Sonoma Raceway for the first time.


  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway
    4790 W 16th St
    Indianapolis, IN 46222
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    • James R.

      When will the SCCA publish how the oversubscribed groups will be handled?

      I race in SRF3 and at the moment there are 33 drivers who won't make the feature race.  Other than stating that 60 will transfer and the remaining 12 spots will occur as a qualifying race there appear to be no further details.  When will this qualifying race occur?

      Plus I would like to know how qualifying will occur with this many cars? Do we ALL get the full amount of time on track allotted to our group?  Showing up to learn that our actual time is then cut in half is not going to sit well with me.

      Next is there a first day procedure for determining the order of qualifying position or this going to be free for all.

      As we get closer to the cutoff date to withdraw without penalty these details need to be published including if some or all of the entry will be refunded for drivers being cut.

      Is there such a plan in the works and if so when will the drivers be notified of these details?

      • James R.

        Thanks Paul,

        section 5.7 does explain this clearly.

      • Paul F Jensen


        The answers for your questions can be found by reading the Supp Regs which can be found on this page by clicking on Supplemental Regulations tab in red above and to the right.  As Eric said, expect some changes to the originally published schedule on Sept. 2nd  The home office folks are also working on additional Driver, Crew, Worker and spectator information coming soon.   

      • James R.

        Two questions answered...thank you.  What about the others particularly how the 1st on track qualifying grid will be set. IMO this should NOT be a who gets there first process.  Will participation in Super Tour events, points and/or the qualification path be used to qualify the initial grid or is this going to be a free for all?  If the latter, expect chaos.


      • Eric Prill

        James- the plan is still to publish the updated qualifying schedule Sept. 2. Last chance races will happen Thursday, time TBA on that schedule. The goal is to schedule each class to have the same amount of time. So if SRF3 is split into two groups, each group would have the same session length as any other class.

    • Mark R Smith

      I realize making all the Paddock assignments is quite challenging, but sometime in the near future, will it be possible for us Workers and Spectators to see, in advance of the event, a layout with names (i.e. a "who is where") type map?  What was used for Daytona/MidOhio was quite good in that you could press on a spot and see who was paddocked there.   Thanks again for all you all are doing!

    • Michael Lewis

      today was the day to sign up for add'l test days.   registration wont let me edit my existing entry and i cant find a link to register for test days?

    • Mr.David Satterley

      I'm assuming I have to purchase a paddock spot for my trailer and a separate camping spot for my motorhome.  Is this right or can I combine them in one spot?

    • Michael A Reupert

      I did not see the choice of garage parking in the paddock choices. How do we get on the list for Gasoline Alley garages?