Buy one car, do all the things – that’s what Club Spec’s all about. A Club Spec car is fun, easy to own, and (importantly) easy to purchase. Topping it off, performance packages for Club Spec cars are affordable, attractive, and improve the ownership experience. Whether you’re participating in SCCA Autocross, Time Trials, RoadRally or RallyCross (with more in the works), or you’re taking a Sunday drive, Club Spec is the answer. Interest piqued? Your adventure begins by clicking below. 

Club Spec Partners

Like all good Spec Racing classes, SCCA's Club Spec creates a space where you can go toe-to-toe with other drivers in cars that are, for all intents and purposes, built to be the same. It's a level playing field for #funwithcars. To help, we've lined up a handful of partners and parts suppliers to make sure you get the right parts at the right price.   

The expression “where the rubber meets the road” exists for a reason — it is, in fact, the point where it all comes together. No one is better at making sure you get the wheels and tires you need to maximize performance and experience than the Tire Rack.

Summit prides themselves on being a one stop shop for all of your speedshop needs, from safety equipment to go-fast bits, to fuel jugs and pressure gauges, Summit has it all.

Mazda Motorsports brings long-time Road Racing support to Club Spec! You'l want to go to them for CSX expertise, kit purchase and setup advice. 

Sam Strano is the resident expert on the CSM car and kit. He hand-picked the performance kit and can set you up with everything you need.

What's stopping you? Whether you've got the Mustang or the Miata, you may select any brake pad you'd like for your car, but we highly recommend products from our great partners over at Hawk Performance. 

Now that you have it all, protect it all with Hagerty. They've got insurance options that can protect it on track, at home and everywhere in between.