Autocross Levels

Tire Rack Starting Line School
This full-day school will teach key concepts that introduce you to autocross and the dynamics of your vehicle in a performance driving setting. While the focus is on autocross, you will develop performance driving skills while working with professional performance driving instructors. If you are looking to get into motorsports competition or want to refine your skills, the Tire Rack Starting Line School is your complete motorsports starter kit.

Regional events are hosted by the individual Regions which make up SCCA. These events tend to be small events, and although a few of the larger regions might see 200+ people it’s much more likely to see only a few dozen entries at one of these. You do not need to be an SCCA member to participate in a Regional event (they will make you a temporary member for the weekend) but it does usually mean a discount if you are.

Divisional Events or series are a step up from Regional events and hosted by groups of SCCA® regions. Not every portion of the country has a series, but if yours does, it’s a good way to find a bit tougher competition than Regional events.

National Tour
The SCCA National Tour is a set of events which create conditions similar to those seen at the season-ending SCCA Solo National Championships in Lincoln, NE. National Tour events attract some of the highest-level national competitors and local drivers who want to see how they stack up against each other.

It starts like drag racing, but with turns. With two mirror-image courses set up, reaction time, getting a good launch, and being consistently fast play a role in winning at ProSolo. This series travels the country and competitors collect points that set them up to be crowned ProSolo Champion at the season finale in Lincoln, NE.

National Championship
The Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals is the largest auto competition for sports cars in the world. More than 1,200 competitors descend on Lincoln, Nebraska each year for a competition which takes a week to complete and crowns a national champion in each class.