Date: September 07, 2015 to September 11, 2015
Location: Lincoln Airpark
Address: 3300-3698 NW 36th St, Lincoln, NE, 68524

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The 43rd annual Tire Rack Solo National Championship returns to Lincoln Air Park to host 1200 competitors to crown the best of the best in Solo competition!

Solo Nationals News

Individual paddock space reservations will be online and open August 3 at 2pm CST. You will need to be registered for the event to reserve a paddock spot. 

The price of registration goes up on August 4

  • Lincoln Airpark
    3300-3698 NW 36th St
    Lincoln, NE 68524
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    James M Woodruff

    I would really like to see a picture of that '1965 Camaro' that Al Unser Jr. drove in the CAM Traditional Class at the 2015 Solo Nationals.

    James M Woodruff

    Thanks for the tip.  I should have thought of that myself.  The pictures in your comment were a little small to identify the car.  The pdf of the full national results listed Mary's car as a 1999 Camaro but it was corrected to a 1973 in the November Sports Car article summarizing the Nationals results.  However, and this was the point of my original post, the two page picture in the front of the December Sports Car still captioned Al Unser, Jr. as driving a 1965 Camaro.  I would have thought that prior to publishing, someone at SCCA or the Sports Car editorial staff would have said:  "Hey, wait a minute, a 1965 Camaro, --- that's impossible."  The Camaro didn't join the Chevrolet vehicle line up until the 1967 model year and it didn't look anything like Unser's car.  Looking at pictures of his car on line, it is practically a twin of Mary's 1973 Camaro.  I checked Speedway Motors' Team Speedway web site and it says the car is a 1970 Camaro which sounds reasonable and is probably why Al Unser chose 70 for his car number.  I hope you can make this correction in your results archive.

    Robert (Rocky) Entriken Jr.

    Wanna see more? go to Google Images, type in "Solo Nationals Unser."

    Robert (Rocky) Entriken Jr.

    Here's the CAM-T Top-3 -- Mary Pozzi's '73 Camaro, Al Unser's '65 Camaro, Robbie Unser's '65 Nova.

    Craig L Straub

    Did SCCA announce when the 2016 National Solo II are and the dates?

    Brian Scott Harmer

    A formal announcment has not been made yet (will be in the next couple of weeks). It will be September 6-9 with the ProSolo Finale September 3-4.

    Bruce B McArthur

    Is the usual day 1 (East & West) results pdfs available somewhere?

    I see the new pax'd versions, but don't see the old style.

    (hopefully they are less than $10 ;)

    Andrea Albin

    Look in the menu to the right of this page. Yesterday's are there. We'll get today's finals up ASAP.

    David A Dusterberg

    Seriously? Couldn't leave the U-Stream on for the CAM Invitational? Thanks a lot.


    Charles B Tate

    I still need to register for the event and no one calked me back from my mesaage last week.  I  will arrive Sunday afternoon 

    Chuck Tare  # 444276