2016 SCCA Runoffs Presented by Garmin VIRB - T2 Race

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Session Notes
Rezzetano on pole in Ford Mustang. Buttermore 2nd in Chevy Corvette. Delete
Rezzetano won from pole last year at Daytona. Delete
It's Rezz, Butter and Boden 1,2,3 after Turn 1 Delete
Car 00 spins midway through carousel. Delete
Rezz, Butter and Boden set off with gap from rest of field Delete
Buttermore tightens up on Rezz. Delete
Buttermore pits lap 3! Delete
Lavigne inherits third. Delete
Rezz has 3-sec lead on Boden, and 10-sec on Lavigne Delete
Buttermore broke brake rotor. Delete
Working lap 8, Rezz still holds 3.5-sec gap on Boden's Porsche. Delete
Working lap 11, Rezz now has 5.5-sec lead on Boden. Lavigne fallen back holding 3rd. Delete
Kezman now breathing down Lavigne's neck for 3rd on lap 11. Delete
Calvert makes pass on Kezman to take 4th. Delete
Calvert closing on Lavigne working lap 14. Delete
Meanwhile, Rezz has 7.3-sec lead over Boden. Delete
Kezman goes off into Thunder Valley working lap 14. Delete
Calvert drops back a ton. Lavigne all along working lap 16 Delete
Calvert's engine sounds "off" Delete
Rezz's lead up to almost 10-sec Delete
Report is Calvert may have accidently flipped kill switch. Delete
Kezman really pushing Calvert for the 4th spot with only a handful of laps left. Delete
Last lap. Rezzetano has 13+ second lead. Delete
Kezman is through. Calvert has lost rear bodywork after Kezman looked to have tapped him. Delete
Rezz wins. Delete
Live Chat
hello ohio Delete
Mostly stock HA! What a joke. 120 horsepower. Please. Didn't Drago advertise 135 hp on his website... Delete
Great race let's go Hille Delete
Looks like the live T&S is dead. Delete
Great race! Delete
HUGE thanks to Sydney Davis for live-streaming the race from her phone for the folks who can't get this video feed to work! Delete
Kutil works at Honda too! Delete
Has anyone else lost audio? Delete
Video stream not working? Delete
Working now! Woo hoo! Delete
Stream finally working on Firefox w/ AT&T after 2 days. Thanks for whatever you did to fix it! Delete
Just to correct the broadcasters, FB or Formula 1000 was originally a Canadian class called Formula 4. Class started back in the mid 70's using 750 cc motorcycle engines . The class has actually been around for a long time. I drove a Formula 4 Vixen for 10 years, and we did race at a number of U.S. tracks including Mid-Ohio. Delete
What no white flag one to go! Thatsucked Delete
No...winglets did not get installed on race cars then on aircraft.... Delete
Is the AS video available somewhere? Delete
Who wrote the comment in "session notes" that the wheel bumping before the start of the Formula Continental from Saurino and LaRue was "a little gamesmanship"? That attitude and that action is sickening! It is, at best, poor sportsmanship! I would have black flagged both. Delete
Smart move Rick, trust me, I've heard Randy sing. Delete
Is Steven Hussey ok? Delete
anyone? Delete
As soon as one is available, please give us an update on Steve's condition- Delete
Only 14 FFs this year... down from 24 last year runoffs.. yeesh. Delete
Old guys rule, Go Bob! Show Colin how to do it! Delete
Would love to know why the second one was waived off... should have already been able to get the debris if that was it. Delete
Debris was left for the start.. so not that. odd. Delete
The second no start was called by Race Control, it was not a wave off by the Starter. My GUESS is that they did not have all the damaged cars off the track. Delete
Pretty sure there was just the one damaged car from the first wave off and he's still in the same spot he pulled off to, near the tires. Delete
I think you should say something about Mark Hoover T1 how would have been there, but his WIFE die. Delete
sorry to hear that Delete
Just to clear up any misconceptions. The Starter decided BOTH waveoffs without input from anyone else. There were specific reasons for both and he could have waved them off a third time had he wished. Delete

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