Saddle Up: Solo Nationals Contingency Programs Available

The Tire Rack SCCA® Solo® National Championships is all about fantastic fun with your finest friends – oh, and four days of National Championship-winning autocross also takes place. But did you know there’s cash and prizes at stake at the Solo Nats, too? Best of all, registering for these event contingency programs is as free as it is easy.

The 2024 Solo National Championships takes place Sept. 3-6 at Lincoln Airpark in Nebraska’s capital city. Here, you’ll find 35.6 acres of concrete for dueling course layouts, 5.7 acres of grid space, and 16.9 acres of paddock space. And if you ride well enough on that 35.6 acres of concrete, you could be in line for winnings from some of the best companies in the biz.

Many of the 1,000-plus autocrossers at the event don’t think they stand a chance at winning – and (not to be cruel), they’re right. Luckily, most of the event contingency programs don’t actually require winning. Mazda, Hawk, and EBC reward finishes back to fifth, while Falken celebrates one class from first to 15th. Then, as part of its Women’s Initiative, Mazda has a second generous program, this one benefiting women competing in Open class competition.

That’s just a taste of the contingency programs that are available.

Signing up for Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championships contingency programs is easy – just follow the links below. As for registering for the Solo Nationals itself, this link tells you everything you need to know, from the rootin’ tootin’ theme to how to sign up (pro tip: the event registration process is already underway, so check those dates ASAP).

’24 Solo Nats Contingency Programs

Hawk PerformanceOfficial Brake Products of SCCA (All Classes)
1st – $200 certificate; 2nd – $180 certificate; 3rd – $160 certificate; 4th – $140 certificate; 5th – $120 certificate

EBC Brakes (Select Classes)
1st – $50; 2nd – $45; 3rd – $40; 4th – $35; 5th – $30

Eibach Springs (Select Classes)
1st – 4 free springs; 2nd – 3 free springs; 3rd – 2 free springs

Falken Tire (Select Classes)
SSC/SSCL: 1st – $500; 2nd – $300; 3rd – $200; 4th–15th – $100
All other eligible classes: 1st – $250; 2nd – $150; 3rd – $100

Kumho Tire (All Classes)
1st – $500 certificate; 2nd – $300 certificate; 3rd – $200 certificate
Kumho Top Finisher – $200 certificate

Hoosier Racing Tire (Select Classes)
1st – 4 tires; 2nd – 2 tire

Mazda North American Operations (All Classes)
1st – $800; 2nd – $500; 3rd – $250; 4th – $175; 5th – $125
Solo Triad Award – $600
Women’s Initiative (WI): Mazda will award any female Mazda competitor who finishes in Open Class 2nd-10th place a $150 WI bonus

Toyota/TRD (All Classes)
1st – $1,000

It is the responsibility of each driver to make sure they are eligible to receive any contingency awards in which they are interested. Requirements for each program can be found by clicking here – and check back often for added programs.

Photo by Philip Royle