Is your NC’s Rear End Too Hot? Mazda Motorsports Has the Solution

To understate the obvious, racing is rough on components. That’s not to say automotive parts aren’t up to the task – as many SCCA® members have discovered, they’ll take a beating and come back for more. Still, that abuse adds up, ultimately shortening the item’s lifespan. The trick is minimizing abuse wherever possible, which is exactly what Mazda Motorsports is doing with this differential cooling plate for those competing in an NC Mazda Miata.

“Most people don’t pay attention to the differential oil temperatures in an NC, but in stock configuration, temperatures can get very high,” Mazda Motorsports states on its website. “We have seen over 325 degrees on multiple occasions, which is just too high for the fluids to work effectively.”

To combat this in the NC Miata – the only weapon of choice in Spec MX-5 (SMX) SCCA Road Racing competition – Mazda Motorsports is now offering a differential cooling plate that utilizes heat-sink fins on all sides. But there’s more.

“Featuring strategically positioned ports for fluid circulation, including in/out oil lines and a dedicated temperature sensor port, this differential plate is engineered for efficiency,” Mazda Motorsports explains. “Included dowels ensure precise alignment during installation, minimizing mess and streamlining the process. Additionally, a reusable steel/rubber-coated gasket simplifies rear cover plate removal for routine maintenance.”

The diff cooling plate is thoroughly engineered, with a straightforward installation that requires no modification to the NC and, Mazda Motorsports adds, is legal for SMX competition.

More information about the Mazda Motorsports NC differential cooling plate can be found here.

Cooler Still

For those looking for cooling levels beyond this finned plate, Mazda Motorsports is developing a cooler, pump, and filter combo for the NC that extends cooling abilities even further. Built for ease of installation and maintenance, the kit will utilize a removable trunk-mounted plate.

Keep your eyes on for more information as this item becomes available.

Photo courtesy Mazda Motorsports