Keep Autocross Awesome: Everyone Needs to Take This Survey

SCCA® stands for the Secret Car Club of America, and we’d like to keep it that way.

That’s a statement that’s not true on oh so many levels.

SCCA’s Solo® department would like your assistance in determining the long-term direction of the Club’s autocross program, but to do that, not only do we need your expertise, knowledge, and experience, but we’d love you to share this survey with friends who are former autocrossers, non-SCCA autocrossers, and those who are autocross curious.

The 27-question survey that you can fill out any time between now and May 20, 2024, should take about 10 minutes to complete – although if this is anything like a weekend autocross, the H Street drivers will need a little more time than the A Mod folks. Fortunately, this isn’t a timed competition.

The survey you’re about to embark on is extremely important. It’s member input and feedback that led the Club to 200 treadwear tires, CAM, and Solo Spec Coupe, all of which have immeasurably altered the trajectory of the sport. And much like when you head out for that final run of the day, it’s once again time to look for improvements.

The survey begins with the normal questions you lie on, like age and income (PS: please don’t lie on those). The next 20-some questions, meanwhile, are the ones that dig into the meat of the matter. How would you describe your attitude towards autocross participation? What types of events do you prefer? What’s your single biggest motivator when it comes to autocross participation? What’s your pricing comfort zone when purchasing a competition vehicle? What class philosophies are most attractive to you? The list goes on and on – until it ends at question 27.

Once you’ve completed the survey, we expect some of you will head to social media to air your…err…additional thoughts, but before you do that, could you please also type those comments in the box for the survey’s final question where we ask for any additional thoughts? That’ll help us keep things organized on our side.

No, the SCCA isn’t a secret Club – it’s one that grows and develops through your experience and insight. Surveys like this help shape the sport and the Club into something you’ll enjoy more, along with entice more enthusiasts, develop more community, and grow more camaraderie. If you ask us, that’s way more better.

Thank you in advance!

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Photo by Perry Bennett