In It For The Drive: Upcoming SCCA RoadRallies You Need To Enter

Each member of the Sports Car Club of America® is unique, but ultimately, we’re all here for the drive. Whether that means being behind the wheel, volunteering, crewing, or spectating, it’s the drive that, let’s say, drives you to keep coming back for more. And when it comes to SCCA RoadRally, that couldn’t be more true.

If you’re a longtime SCCA member whose experienced their fair share of RoadRallies, no pitch is required. Maybe the driver’s seat is your jam or perhaps your expertise comes in the navigator’s spot. It could be that you love the challenge of being a Rallymaster or the feeling of accomplishment you get when you work a checkpoint. Regardless, if you’ve participated in a RoadRally, you get it.

For those who haven’t tried their hand at one of SCCA’s oldest forms of competition, here’s a primer. Once you’re ready, you can find your RoadRally fun online here, ranging from local Regional competition up to Divisional and even National events.

Speaking of Divisional and National RoadRallies, there are numerous coming up that you’ll want to consider. Divisional and National events draw quite a few experienced competitors, but everyone’s welcome. Unlike other forms of SCCA competition, RoadRally takes place on public roads at legal speeds, so regardless of how good or inexperienced you may be, there’s no one watching you, meaning RoadRally boasts the lowest level of pressure to perform of any of SCCA’s offerings.

Below are the 2024 Divisional and National RoadRallies taking place in April through June. Follow the Region links for more information:

RoadRallies take place throughout the year, so keep checking here for another batch of can’t-miss RoadRallies that are sure to fulfill your SCCA driving needs.

Photo by James Heine