Nominate Someone for SCCA’s Hall of Fame Class of 2025

The Sports Car Club of America® has tens of thousands of members deeply passionate about motorsports, with the SCCA Hall of Fame celebrating that drive. And now, it’s your turn to nominate someone for the very special honor of joining SCCA’s Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2025.

Since 2005, the Club has inducted deserving members into the SCCA Hall of Fame for their unique additions to the sport. Some earned the honor through their time behind the wheel on the pro racing circuit, bringing positive attention to the Club; others were inducted thanks to the many tireless hours they put in behind the scenes, ensuring everyone would be able to enjoy motorsports for generations to come. A few members were even inducted for simply being themselves – an awesome enthusiast who, through the years, had become woven into the fabric of the Club.

In total, 119 people plus one group have been inducted into the SCCA Hall of Fame, with revered motorsports legends such as Roger Penske, Briggs Cunningham, Paul Newman, Skip Barber, Randy Pobst, Bob Bondurant, Phil Hill, Peter Cunningham, Bobby Rahal, Lyn St. James, and Dorsey Schroeder among some of the most publicly recognizable names. But the list goes deep, including Dr. Bob Hubbard and Jim Downing, Andy Porterfield, Kathy Barnes, Bob and Patty Tunnell, Patc Henry, John Buffum, Bruce Gezon, Roger Johnson, Roger Johnson, and many more.

SCCA continues to honor previous recipients through our website, and we encourage you to learn more about those who have been inducted into the SCCA Hall of Fame by clicking here.

2025 will mark the 20th anniversary of SCCA’s Hall of Fame, and with it will come additional deserving members being added to the impressive listing of past honorees – your nominations are pivotal to this process.

The nomination link is below, with all nominations due by June 15, 2024. But before you click that button, keep reading to learn about what goes into a great SCCA Hall of Fame nomination.

Submit a Nomination

How to Nominate

The purpose of the SCCA Hall of Fame is to preserve, protect, and record the history and accomplishments of the Club for current and future members by recognizing those who have had a significant impact on the Club and the sport. This may be through service to the National organization, achievements in competition, advancement of the sport, or bringing recognition to the SCCA that inspires enthusiasts to seek out and become SCCA members.

Submissions for the SCCA Hall of Fame should be approximately two pages in length and summarize the nominee’s background and reasons for consideration. The goal should be to help the SCCA Hall of Fame Nomination, Legacy, and Selection Committees understand why and how the nominee was impactful. Those submissions should paint a picture as to why their nominee should be considered for induction into the SCCA Hall of Fame.

Where possible, please include when the nominee joined the SCCA, the nominee’s Region affiliation, and the offices held or accomplishments of the nominee. It is also important to note how the nominee shaped SCCA as a National organization.

Here’s everything you need to know about making a great SCCA Hall of Fame submission.

Nominations must be submitted by the June 15, 2024, deadline by either e-mailing, mailing a letter to SCCA Hall of Fame, 6620 SE Dwight St., Topeka, KS 66619, or using the online submission form.

Those submitting nominations for any member should include their own e-mail address, phone number, or mailing address in case they need to be contacted for more information about a nominee. And while the deadline for the 2025 SCCA Hall of Fame is approaching, members are encouraged to submit nominations throughout the year, regardless of the deadline.

Also, multiple independent nominations for a candidate will gladly be accepted.

This is a chance for SCCA members to leave a permanent mark on the Club by being the one responsible for nominating a member for SCCA’s Hall of Fame.

Legacy Committee’s Final Year

The SCCA Hall of Fame's Legacy Committee is dedicated to the nomination of members whose influence on the Club primarily took place prior to 1961. This committee will be wrapping its duty in 2024, with the Legacy Committee's final nominations being for the SCCA Hall of Fame class of 2025. While members whose primary dedication to the Club was prior to 1961 will always be considered for the SCCA Hall of Fame, the Legacy Committee's conclusion at the end of 2024 makes this year's member submissions more vital than ever.

Thank You!

The SCCA Hall of Fame Nomination, Legacy, and Selection Committees would like to thank the Club members who expressed interest in serving on one of the SCCA Hall of Fame committees. So many people volunteered their service that not everyone could be chosen to fill the limited vacancies created annually by the program’s staggered term limit structure. Please note that new vacancies will emerge next year, and those gracious volunteers will be considered once again.