Final Set of ’23 Solo National Champions Crowned Friday

Congratulations to the second set of provisional winners from each of the 40 classes that concluded competition on Friday, Sept. 8, during the 50th running of the Tire Rack SCCA® Solo® National Championships that took place Sept. 5-8, 2023, at Lincoln Airpark in Nebraska’s capital city.

Included below in the list of Thursday/Friday National Champions and class winners is “class: name, car, margin of victory (career national championships).” An asterisk indicates the class either did not reach the participation threshold to crown a National Champion or is a supplemental class.

A Street: Dan Simms, Chevrolet Corvette, 0.540sec (first National Championship)
A Street Ladies: Sue Eckles, Chevrolet Corvette, 2.215sec (seventh National Championship, first in class)
E Street: Bartek Borowski, Mazda Miata, 0.218sec (11th National Championship, eighth in class)
E Street Ladies: Theresa Walton, Mazda Miata, 3.709sec (first National Championship)
F Street: Sam Strano, Ford Mustang, 0.242sec (10th National Championship, fifth in class)
F Street Ladies: Shelly Monfort, Ford Mustang, 0.710sec (13th National Championship, second in class)
H Street: Matt Morhardt, Honda Civic, 1.144sec (second National Championship, second in class)
H Street Ladies: Laura Harbour, Toyota Celica GT, 3.239sec (fifth National Championship, second in class)
C Prepared: Robert Lewis, Ford Mustang, 0.276sec (second National Championship, second in class)
C Prepared Ladies: Tracy Lewis, Ford Mustang, 3.3375sec (seventh National Championship, seventh in class)
D Prepared: Todd Roberts, Mazda Miata, 0.893sec (third National Championship, third in class)
F Prepared: Wes Hughson, Honda S2000, 1.393sec (second National Championship, second in class)
C Street Prepared: Raymond Dsouza, Mazda Miata, 0.075sec (second National Championship, first in class)
C Street Prepared Ladies: Hailey Schmidt, Mazda Miata, 1.313sec (first National Championship)
D Street Prepared: Steve O’Blenes, Mazda RX-8, 0.643sec (eighth National Championship, third in class)
D Street Prepared Ladies: Catherine Tran, Mazda RX-8, 3.316sec (second National Championship, first in class)
E Street Prepared: AJ Whitaker, Honda Civic Type-R, 0.040sec (first National Championship)
*E Street Prepared Ladies: Katie Barrett, BMW M3, 0.339sec (first Nationals win)
Super Street Touring® : Christopher Wanner, Chevrolet Corvette, 0.376sec (first National Championship)
Super Street R: Jim Perrin, Chevrolet Corvette, 1.190sec (first National Championship)
Street Touring® R: Billy Davis, Mazda Miata, 0.004sec (seventh National Championship, second in class)
Street Touring®  R Ladies: Ali Wilson, Mazda Miata, 0.054sec (first National Championship)
Street Touring®  Ultra: Brent Schneekloth, Mitsubishi Evo, 0.342sec (first National Championship)
Street Touring®  Ultra Ladies: Thenmozhi Elayaperumal, BMW 328, 0.600sec (first National Championship)
Super Touring®  Xtreme: Jonathan Mudge, Scion FR-S, 0.200sec (first National Championship)
Street Touring®  Xtreme Ladies: Emily Brown, Scion FR-S, 0.024sec (first National Championship)
Super Street Modified: Matt Waldbaum, Mazda Miata, 3.058sec (first National Championship)
*Super Street Modified Ladies: Karen Miller, Nissan MT/Z, N/A (first Nationals Win)
Street Modified: Todd Kean, Nissan 240SX, 0.763sec (third National Championship, third in class)
Street Modified Ladies: Christine Grice, Mitsubishi Evo, 1.507sec (eighth National Championship, second in class)
B Modified: Matthew Ellam, Omnifab Cheetah, 1.012sec (sixth National Championship, sixth in class)
C Modified: Ben Martinez, Van Diemen RF84, 0.736sec (fifth National Championship, fourth in class)
C Modified Ladies: Mari Clements, Honda Van Diemen, 1.785sec (second National Championship, first in class)
Kart Modified: Larry MacLeod, Tonykart Shifter, 0.325sec (fifth National Championship, fifth in class)
*Classic American Muscle Contemporary: Dave Schotz, Chevrolet Camaro SS, 1.436sec (fourth Nationals win, first in class)
*Classic American Muscle Contemporary Ladies: Elizabeth Whitworth, Ford Mustang, N/A (first Nationals win)
*Classic American Muscle Traditional: Neil Britton, Chevrolet Camaro, 2.641sec (first Nationals win)
*Electric Vehicle X: Ian Jordan, Tesla Model 3, 0.536sec (first Nationals win)
*Xtreme A: Simon Gagnon, Subaru STi, 0.422sec (first Nationals win)
*Xtreme A Ladies: Halie Sewell, Subaru STi, 9.055sec (first Nationals win)

A list of winners from Tuesday/Wednesday competition can be found here. For a complete rundown of results, visit the 2023 Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championship event webpage.

Photo: Brent Schneekloth on his way to a National Championship in Street Touring Ultra.

Photo by Rupert Berrington