Mazda Motorsports Offers Improved Spec Miata Gearset

It’s no secret: Road racing is tough on components. Since we’re coming up to the 2023 SCCA® National Championship Runoffs®, let’s take VIRginia International Raceway as an example – in any single lap, a Spec Miata racer generally shifts 14 times, although that can balloon to 16 or more depending on track conditions and traffic. Given a 15-lap race, that’s roughly 210 shifts in the race alone. Add in qualifying sessions, and that could mean upwards of 500 shifts at speed over the course of one week. Back to racing being tough on components – a Spec Miata gearbox needs as much help as it can to survive. Knowing that, Mazda Motorsports has a solution.

The Mazda Motorsports competition Spec Miata 5-speed gearset is a legal way for Spec Miata transmissions to withstand the punishment of racing. Mazda Motorsports states that these gearsets boast several advantages over standard Miata gears:

Enhanced Strength: The gear sets are constructed using a high-strength 9310 alloy, resulting in improved durability and resistance to wear and tear. This alloy upgrade ensures that the transmission can withstand the rigorous demands of racing and deliver reliable performance under extreme conditions.

Improved Gear Design: Mazda Motorsports has implemented an enhanced gear tooth root design. This design optimization contributes to improved load distribution, minimizing stress concentrations and increasing the overall strength of the gears. As a result, the transmission can handle higher torque levels and shock loads, offering greater reliability and longevity.

Consistency and Tolerances: The manufacturing process for the motorsports gear sets emphasizes enhanced consistency and tighter tolerances. This attention to detail ensures that each gear set meets strict quality standards, providing a precise, reliable pairing and meshing of the internal components transmission system. Racers can have confidence in the consistency of gear, wear, engagement, and accurate shifting, enhancing their overall driving experience.

Improved Oiling: The motorsports transmission incorporates improved oiling paths and routing. This enhancement promotes better lubrication and cooling of the gears, reducing wear friction and heat buildup. Additionally, a splined collar with oil grooves, which provides lubrication between the countershaft and splined gears, has been utilized. The optimized oiling system contributes to extended component life, ensuring that the transmission performs at its best throughout demanding racing conditions.

Enhanced Gear Treatment: As part of the manufacturing process, the gears in the motorsports transmission are shot-peened and cryogenically treated. Shot peening helps to increase surface hardness, improving resistance to fatigue and enhancing overall gear strength. Cryogenic treatment involves subjecting the gears to extremely low temperatures, which further enhances their durability and wear resistance.

This transmission setup also features an updated shift assembly with numerous design and build improvements.

The part number for the Mazda Motorsports competition Spec Miata 5-speed gearset is 0000-02-5800, with the kit including: 5/R hub and slider, 2nd gear, 3rd gear, 5th gear pair, input shaft, counter shaft, splined countershaft reinforcement collar, and 5th gear thrust washer.

Further details can be found here, with pricing and ordering information available at the Mazda Motorsports store.

Photo courtesy Mazda Motorsports