Super Tour Points Race Heats Up As Runoffs Nears

The 2022 Hoosier Racing Tire Super Tour is complete, but the points chase isn’t. How? Because the biggest single event in SCCA Road Racing – the National Championship Runoffs – counts toward that series, meaning the final chance to earn points in the Hoosier Super Tour comes at VIRginia International Raceway on Sept. 24-Oct. 2.

But – those first 10 races of the Hoosier Super Tour counted for something. First of all, it set the stage for the final battle for the points title. Perhaps just as importantly, it sets the grid for the opening day of Runoffs qualifying. The current points standings will be used as the grid positions the first time each class rolls out on track, with the provisional qualifying order used on Wednesday and Thursday. Sitting P1 thanks to the Hoosier Super Tour? Your goal is to stay there all week long.

Registration is now open for this year’s Runoffs, and the link to that, as well as the schedule, supplemental regulations, and other information can be found at

The best six finishes of the regular season of the Hoosier Super Tour counted in the points standings; the Runoffs is a separate seventh race and will automatically be scored on the same point scale as the regular season (25 points for a win, decreasing through 20th place).

Following are each class points leader, as well as those still in the hunt at the Runoffs (with the points behind the leader in parentheses).

Eight drivers have already clinched their Hoosier Super Tour championship: John Phillips (B-Spec), Nathan Byrd (Formula Atlantic), Tim Minor (Formula Continental), Michael Lewis (GT-3), Jacek Mucha (GT-X), Tim Day, Jr. (Prototype 2), Dave Tweedlie (PX) and Marc Cefalo (Touring 4). GT-X and PX, of course, score Hoosier Super Tour points but are not currently Runoffs classes.

American Sedan: Philip Waters, Daniel Richardson (-14), Andrew McDermid (-17)
B-Spec: John Phillips
E Production: James Lindenthal, Don Tucker (-4), Doug Piner (-8), Peter Norton (-10), Matt Reynolds (-14)
F Production: Ken Kannard, Perry Simonds (-23)
H Production: Enrik Benazic, Eric Vickerman (-3), Edward Werry (-7), Will Perry (-11), Jason LaManna (-17), Leanna Wright (-22)
Formula 500: Eric McRee, James Weida (-12), Lance Spiering (-12), Calvin Stewart (-12), Jack Walbran (-14), Wiley McMahan (-23), Keith Joslyn (-23)
Formula Atlantic: Nathan Byrd
Formula Continental: Tim Minor
Formula Enterprises 2: Charles R. Turner, Owen McAllister (-4), TJ Acker (-10), Bailey Monette (-19), Whitney Strickland (-24), Adam Jennerjahn (-25)
Formula F: Camryn Reed, Joseph Colasacco (-5), Gordon Scully (-11), Joe Parsons (-14)
Formula Vee: Zachary Whitston, Chris Jennerjahn (-18)
Formula X: Billy Smith, Avery Towns (-13)
GT-1: Michael Lewis, David Pintaric (-21)
GT-2: Hans Peter, Jorge Nazario (-1), Andrew Aquilante (-13), Thomas Herb (-14), Scotty B. White (-18), Ann Doherty (-23)
GT-3: Michael Lewis
GT-Lite: Graham Fuller, David Blain (-9), Peter Shadowen (-13), Michael Lewis (-24)
GT-X: Jacek Mucha
Prototype 1: Chip Romer, Jim Devenport (-20), Todd Vanacore (-22)
Prototype 2: Tim Day, Jr.
Prototype X: Dave Tweedlie
Spec Miata: Travis Wiley, Connor Zilisch (-3), Charles Mactutus (-3)
Spec Racer Ford Gen3: Charles Turner, James Goughary (-2), Denny Stripling (-9), Brian Schofield (-12), Caleb Shrader (-18), Tordy Acker (-25)
Super Touring Lite: Danny Steyn, Olivier Jean Francois (-19), Amy Mills (-23)
Super Touring Under: Anthony Piselli, Osiris Pena (-20), Whitfield Gregg (-23)
Touring 1: Mark Boden, Sandy Satullo (-1), Robert Korzen (-4), Joseph Gaudette (-21)
Touring 2: Charlie Peter, Tim Kezman (-18), Mark Boden (-23)
Touring 3: Breton Williams, Rob Hines (-13), Simon Asselin (-16)
Touring 4: Marc Cefalo

Please note, this listing is completely unofficial. The official Hoosier Super Tour points race can be found here.

Photo by Jeff Loewe (Camryn Reed leads the Formula F Hoosier Super Tour points race, but three others are around the corner as the Runoffs nears.)