Benefits to SCCA Membership Renewal

You like discounts, we like discounts – everyone likes discounts! Did you know that as an SCCA member, there are a slew of companies champing at the bit to give you exactly that? Through SCCA’s Preferred Partner program, Club members receive irresistible deals and discounts made possible by companies that understand what it’s like to live life as a bona fide car nut. Want race car parts? SCCA’s partners have you covered? Need a car? Oh, yes, there are deals to be had. Looking for smokin’ deals on lightweight batteries, online racing, data systems, and more? Look no further than the companies that recognize that every dollar saved is money you can use to get out there and have fun with cars.

Many of the deals are quite spectacular, with coupons arriving at your doorstep every time you renew your SCCA membership. Let’s take a gander at a few.

If you’ve been in motorsports for any amount of time, you know of Summit Racing Equipment. Summit is not only the title sponsor of SCCA’s Summit Racing Equipment Road Racing program, but the company also offers 10 percent off your orders. When the coupon arrives with your membership renewal, load up your cart with a year’s supply of everything, then enter the special code at checkout.

APEX Pro offers a variety of powerful and cost-effective data acquisition systems every SCCA member can use. The APEX Pro Unit integrates with the APEX Pro app to automatically save data for later review. Meanwhile, lights on the APEX Pro Unit indicate unused potential while on track. APEX Pro also offers an OBD-II interface, as well as tutorials and data review sessions. And with the coupon, SCCA members can receive a free base with the purchase of an APEX Pro Unit.

Want to add less weight to your car? Braille Battery has the solution for you. From its Lightweight AGM batteries to its Green-Lite Lithium, Intensity Lithium, and Micro-Lite Lithium, a Braille battery replaces the sloshing acid of a heavy, traditional battery with small, lightweight solutions that will keep you in the action. For SCCA members, Braille’s once-a-year deal is $40 off a purchase of $199 or more, and $75 off a purchase of $399 or more.

Sim racing isn’t the future, it’s today. With sim racers transferring their knowledge to the real world and finishing on the podium at the SCCA National Championship Runoffs – as has happened in Formula 500 – the power of online racing is undeniable. A leader in that industry is SCCA partner iRacing, which offers SCCA members three months of free membership.

Hagerty is SCCA’s official insurance partner, which doesn’t sound as exciting as it really is. You see, Hagerty is on a mission to save the automobile, and through that drive, Hagerty has numerous programs and initiatives extending beyond automotive insurance. Take, for instance, Hagerty’s Drive Share program, which allows people to rent vehicles from other enthusiasts. Want to drive a restored 1960 MG MGA, a 1972 Ford Bronco, a 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am with the screaming chicken on the hood, or a new Mercedes-AMG GT? These vehicles, and more, are available through Hagerty Drive Share. And with your SCCA membership renewal, you knock $25 off the rental price.

This is just a taste of the benefits that come with renewing your SCCA membership – click the link below to discover more.


Photo by Jon Krolewicz / Staff