Protecting Your Pride and Joy – RecovR Can Help

It’s a horror story we see posted on social media all too often – and while the words vary, the story remains the same: “Help! My trailer was stolen with my race car inside!” A lucky few will see their belongings returned unharmed, tools and race car still intact. For others, the trailer and its contents may disappear forever. Luckily, steps can be taken to increase the chances of recovery of that trailer, race car, and even the rig you use to pull it.


According to a survey by RecovR, a vehicle theft recovery solution that recently partnered with the SCCA, 30 percent of vehicle owners report having had a vehicle stolen at some point. That statistic is startling, as is the fact that the FBI states 91 vehicles are stolen per hour in the U.S.

If only there was a way to know the moment your vehicle or trailer had been stolen, and an easy way to locate it afterwards.

The RecovR Theft Recovery System includes a wireless locator device with GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular tracking capabilities, as well as an easy-to-use smartphone app that allows you to locate any of your vehicles whenever you want to. You can activate Theft Recovery Mode and empower law enforcement to track and recover your vehicle for you. Beyond that, the app can help locate a forgotten parking place or track a tardy teenager.

Extremely notable for SCCA members traveling to out-of-state events, the Lock Location mode immediately notifies the user should the vehicle be moved from where it’s parked, be it the event site, a hotel parking lot, or a vehicle left at home or in storage. Regardless of the use case, being able to quickly alert law enforcement to a theft is key to them successfully recovering it.

Installation is simple, with the wireless device being attached in a hidden spot within the vehicle. Meanwhile, RecovR’s weather resistant, IP67 magnetic case is perfect for situations where the device must be attached to the outside of a trailer or mounted on an exterior frame. And while RecovR is traditionally managed via dealerships, RecovR is offering SCCA members the ability to purchase the service and its optional IP67 case directly through this link. RecovR doesn’t charge a monthly fee; instead, three years of service is included with the one-time purchase of each device. When the three years have passed, RecovR owners simply purchase a new device, which will incorporate the latest updated technology.

The beauty of a product like RecovR’s is that the sales pitch is easy – as SCCA members transporting our unique and precious cargo to events, we’re immediately sold on its usefulness. Who hasn’t parked their stickered-up autocross car or trailered race car at the back of a seedy motel and slept with the room’s window cracked in the hopes of waking should someone attempt to steal their car or tow rig? Tools like RecovR’s offer a sense of security knowing that your next social media post won’t be the one you never wanted to make.