2022 Road Rally Schedule Released

RoadRally is motorsports crossed with a puzzle and friends – the real-life version of Wordle that is all the rage on social media. Not only that, but it’s one of the most accessible forms of competition out there —no special licenses or equipment required. Just a Sunday-style drive through scenic back roads. The goal? Stay on route and on time, and don’t let the puzzles lead you astray!

If you’re a regular or have tried a road rally in the past, you already know this. If you haven’t? Now is the time to get started.

Each of the regular season events lead to the 27th United States RoadRally Challenge, hosted this year by the Detroit Region, Nov. 4-6. That three-day event consists of three different rallies in two different categories – two Tour rallies and one Course Rally (more information on each style of Rally can be found in the link below).

What is RoadRally?

That’s the final leg in the crowning of the RoadRally Champions, who earn points all season long. The schedule continues to evolve, with events added across the country, but these are the currently scheduled events as the weather begins to warm:

March 5, 2022: Desert Sands National Course Rally, Arizona Border Region
March 6, 2022: Great Canyon National Tour Rally, Arizona Border Region
April 30, 2022: Steel Haul National Course Rally, Steel Cities Region, Pittsburgh, PA
May 1, 2022: Iron Run Divisional Course Rally, Steel Cities Region, Pittsburgh, PA
May 14, 2022: Badger Burrow Divisional Tour Rally, Milwaukee Region, Arena, WI
June 4, 2022: Roads Scholar National Course Rally, Milwaukee Region, Middleton, WI
June 5, 2022: Roads Scamper National Tour Rally, Milwaukee Region, Middleton, WI

The United State Road Rally Challenge schedule looks like this:

November 4, 2022: Hell and Back National Tour Rally, Detroit Region, Whitmore Lake, MI
November 5, 2022: Are You Territorial? National Course Rally, Detroit Region, Whitmore Lake, MI
November 6, 2022: Pavement Ends Divisional Tour Rally, Detroit Region, Whitmore Lake, MI

Point champions are determined by accumulation of points, awarded based on finishing position in the rally versus the score earned. Divisional rallies count as one event, National rallies count as two events – and can be a little trickier, adding to the fun. Rallyists may count the best 10 of the first 14 “events” entered in each series, and may accrue a maximum of 100 points in each series – Course Rally, Tour Rally and GTA Rally.