Voting to Begin for 2021 Board of Directors Positions

It’s SCCA® election season again. This year, four of the 13 designated Areas will be selecting members to serve on the Board of Directors, each of whom serve a three-year term.

This year's election process will include online voting via the Member Account Portal (MAP) at, and an email notification announcing such will be sent shortly to eligible voters. For those on a Family Membership, each family member will need to log in with their unique SCCA Member ID to cast their vote. A first-time login requires a valid email address on the member account, and family members may use the same email address. Those that experience any difficulty should contact the Member Services Department for assistance at

The National Office assumes members are “opted in” to electronic delivery of ballots unless they have specifically “opted out.” Those who opted out should receive physical ballots in the mail shortly so they may vote on Area Director candidates—if their Area Director is up for selection this year. Ballots are mailed to addresses on record with the Sports Car Club of America. Completed ballots should NOT be returned to the SCCA office. Instead, votes will be tallied by Mize CPAs Inc. A postage paid return envelope is included with the ballot for your convenience. Ballots must be received at Mize CPAs Inc. by November 16 at 5 p.m. Central Time. The same deadline applies to online voting.

If you feel you did not receive a ballot and should have, please contact SCCA Member Services at 800-770-2055. Area Director seats up for election this year are as follows:

Area 3: Encompasses part of the Southeast Division, including the Florida, Gulf Coast, Wiregrass, Central Florida, Dixie and Puerto Rico Regions. In alphabetical order, Area 3 candidates are:
- Michael Finn
- Lyn Hodges Watts

Area 4: Encompasses the Great Lakes Division and each Region contained within it. In alphabetical order, Area 4 candidates are:
- Dayle Frame
- Marcus Merideth (Incumbent)

Area 9: Encompasses part of the Northern Pacific Division, including San Francisco and Reno Regions. In alphabetical order, Area 9 candidates are:
- Charlie Davis (Incumbent)
- David Vodden

Area 11: Encompasses the Southern Pacific Division, including Arizona, Cal Club, Hawaii, San Diego, Las Vegas and Arizona Border Regions. In alphabetical order, Area 11 candidates are:
- James Cantrell
- Jason Isley (Incumbent)

Click below to review candidate-supplied platforms.

Michael Finn

I have been a member of SCCA for 33 years and in that time, I have served 30 of those years on the local Florida Region Board of Directors. I have also been, and continue to be, a racer, a National Steward and Divisional Administrator for Race Administration for the Southeast Division. As Administrator I have been working within the Division and have established good relationships with the other regions in our Division. I feel that SCCA is like my family and I love going to the track to see everyone and enjoy the comradery with my fellow competitors and members.

In my professional life I have been involved in construction for nearly 50 years including my current position as Project Executive for Stiles Construction in Fort Lauderdale which I’ve held for 20 years. As such, I have overseen the construction and management of many commercial construction projects including car dealerships, hi-rise apartment/condominium buildings, retail centers, office buildings, parking garages and health care projects totaling hundreds of millions of dollars.

As Area 3 Director, I will carry on the good work of our current Director, and Chairman of the Board, Lee Hill. Lee and I together created the Tropical Endurance Series (TES) and Florida Cup. He has helped the club stay on firm financial footing and put us in the position of growth for the future. I want to see more young members participating in all aspects of the club: racing, solo, time trials, rally, track events, etc. I would like them to participate as competitors and workers. My daughters are active workers and have brought friends with them who enjoy it. That is our future.

I will be happy to serve as your Area 3 Director and hope I can count on your vote.

Lyn Hodges

My name is Lyn Hodges Watts, and I have been a member of the Sports Car Club of America since February 1987.  I decided to run for the position of Area 3 Director because I feel it is time for me to give back to the club that has given me so very much.  I do not seek this office to forward an “agenda” and I do not have a specific “platform” … In spite of this, I feel that I can bring a knowledge base formed over the past 30+ years of involvement in car culture at many levels.  I would like to see an emphasis placed on the FUN available to all SCCA members.  No matter which program piques your interest, there is a ton of fun to be had.

At the age of 19, after a life-long love affair with cars, I fell in love with all things associated with automobile racing.  When I discovered the SCCA in 1987 and joined the Central Florida Region (CFR), the fun began.  My SCCA life began as a part of the CFR Tech Crew, eventually becoming the Assistant Chief of Tech.  In 1991, I attended both a Skip Barber and a SCCA Driving school, eventually earning my National Competition License, competing in ITA in a Mazda RX4.  Even though my competitive driving days are currently behind me, I support my husband as he races a Mazda RX7 in E-Production and my many, many friends who race.  I would very much like to re-start my driving time, as a competitor in Autocross and at Track Events.  I just need to find the right car … to be continued.

In 1991, I was elected to serve as Governor of one of CFR’s Districts, becoming one (1) of nine (9) governors guiding the direction of CFR and each of its programs, Autocross, Club Racing and Rallycross.  Since then, I have served many years as Governor, sharing my sound guidance with my fellow Governors as we laid out the policies and direction for CFR.

Over the span of my 33 years as a member of CFR, I have participated as a driver and have served in the capacity of Assistant Chief of Tech, Recording Secretary, Regional Secretary, and Race Board Secretary.  I have worked in almost all of the specialties over the years, including Timing & Scoring, Flagging & Communications, Communications Logger, Pits, Flat Tow, Pace Car, Registration and have passed out Beverages (and ice cream) to the workers.  I continue to this day to devote my time to CFR as District Governor, Race Program Points Keeper and Grid Bunny.

Of all my roles in the SCCA, serving as a Grid Bunny is by far the best.  I had never been so surprised as when I was told that I had been selected as the National Pit/Grid Worker of the Year at the 2015 Daytona Runoffs.  I’ve been told by several drivers and crew members that they nominated me because of my ‘attitude’ on the Grid … that I always have a big smile for them.  That smile is genuinely there because I am having such a good time and so enjoy seeing everyone.

I was also honored by the Southeast Division in 2018 when I was awarded the Jacque Holland Award.  This award celebrates those who live the “SCCA is a Family” mantra.  In 2017, Central Florida Region presented me with the Distinguished Service Award.  This award is given by CFR to someone who has gone over and above to support the Region.  I am truly humbled to have received this award, and I continue to give my all to the Central Florida Region and the SCCA.

In my professional career, I have learned to work as a part of a team to the benefit of my employers.  I have worked to develop the skills necessary to see beyond the immediate and anticipate future highs and lows.  For ten (10) years, I served as Operations Manager, with specific responsibility for Administration, Accounting, Human Resources and Compliance, at a national company that handled consumer data.  This involved the day-to-day responsibilities of keeping the office in operation and in compliance with all national, state and local regulations, as well as with company policies.  I worked closely with the firm’s legal counsel, fellow employees and clients to ensure all compliance guidelines (often authored by me) were understood and followed.

Since 2017, I have been employed by Historic Sportscar Racing, LLC (HSR) as Registrar.  This is my second foray into the ranks of vintage racing, as was the Registrar for the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) for three (3) years in the early 90s.  In my current role, I strive to give me very best to ensure competitor, crew, family, friends and spectators have an awesome experience at all events.

I have the knowledge of Club operations and experience to represent Area 3 on the SCCA Board of Directors and vow to be a loud voice for the all members of Area 3, whether it be Road Racing, Solo, Track Event/Time Trials or Rally Cross, I vow to serve all members equally.  I’m not afraid to take on the tough tasks and never back down from a challenge if the results are best for all membership in Area 3 and SCCA as a whole.

I appreciate your support and look forward to serving you as your Director.

Marcus Merideth

Hope everyone is doing well given the challenges we see in the world today.

I would like to continue to serve the Area 4 SCCA members for an additional term and seek your vote in the upcoming election.

A little about myself.

My professional background is mechanical engineering with a Professional License in the state of Michigan. I have worked in the auto industry primarily for the last 33 years after starting my career in aerospace. My longest stint of employment was with Ford Motor Company and I now work at Rivian as a Closures Mechanisms Engineering Manager. My education is a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Univ of Michigan and a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri - S&T.

I have served on the SCCA Board of Director for the last 4+ years and served the 2009-2011 three-year term earlier and a member since 1990.

My competition history and volunteer experience include:

  • 2014-15 Hall of Fame Nominating Committee Member/Chairman
  • Solo Events Board 2005-2007 chairman and member 2001-2007
  • Regional Executive - Detroit Region (1998-2000)
  • Board of Directors - Detroit Region Sports Car Club of America (1997 - 2000)
  • Solo Competitor 1987-Present, competed in over 25 Solo Nationals.
  • Regional Road Racing License holder 1999-2002
  • Formula SAE SCCA Chairman
  • Chairman, Chief Steward, Operating Steward, Safety Steward, and course designer for numerous Regional, Divisional and National SCCA Solo Events
  • Solo Safety Steward
  • Solo Safety Steward Instructor
  • Solo Youth Steward
  • Race Volunteer
  • Rally Competitor
  • Rallycross competitor
  • Time Trials competitor
  • Pro and Regional Race Crew
  • 2012 Solo Cup Recipient
  • Detroit Region Ira Garfunkel Award, 2006
  • Lloyd Loring Divisional Achievement Award, 2005
  • 1993 Detroit Region SCCA Solo Enthusiast Award
  • Inaugural Recipient of Chris Lindberg Memorial Sportsmanship Trophy (2004)

I have worked/competed in almost every form of SCCA activities over the years and am looking forward to continuing to have fun, for years to come.

I have made every effort to represent the passion and joy of motorsports the Great Lakes Division has while serving on the Board of Directors and I would appreciate your vote to allow me to continue serving the SCCA and you. 2020 has been an interesting year for everybody and the SCCA is not immune to the current conditions we live in. The President of SCCA Mike Cobb, along with his team, have done an excellent job assuring the future viability of SCCA in trying times. The BoD has been meeting every other Monday night with Mike Cobb for most of this year to try and understand and help where possible the process of surviving 2020, for a not for profit, mostly volunteer organization that works on events happening to fund it. Mr. Cobb is making a concerted effort to improve communications from the National office and has been issuing press releases on the status of events and the organization with the latest information. I have tried to send out notes about the Club while serving you and have not always gotten the job done.  This year I have not wanted to compete with the National office’s releases as their information is better than mine and the status of things have been changing in a rapid manner.  I have tried to send out notes to the Area post Board meetings when something comes up that I can share. A great deal of the Boards discussions are confidential and meeting minutes are published as part of FASTRACK. Many things planned for 2020 have been delayed or changed in scale and I hope to be around for 2021 as we get back on track to improving the organization.

I think SCCA is all about learning and improving our skills on and off the track and performing tasks so we can all enjoy having fun with cars.  A huge part of the community of SCCA is helping and making you, the best you can be.  I try to follow that thought when working on the Board of Directors and the lesson my parents taught me as a child, to always give back to things you love so that later generations can enjoy, what you so passionately enjoy. 

Always happy to answer any questions,

Thank you for your time and passion!

Dayle Frame

I am running for this position for two reasons.  One, it is time for me to find another way to “pay it forward” and give back to the Club that has given me so much enjoyment over the years.  Two, because our current Director does not seem to want to communicate with the membership.

During his tenure, Mr. Merideth has shown that he cannot be counted on to tell us what he has been doing while in the position.  In this era of modern telecommunications, that is distressing.  This should not be accepted when the membership has so much invested in this Club.  Whether you are a worker or a driver, between dues, entry fees, event travel expenses, etc., most of us have hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars invested in our sport on an annual basis.  Our elected officials need to be more accountable when the membership has so much on the line.


I have been around the SCCA all my life.  My father raced back in the mid to late 60’s when I was a kid.  He was a lifelong member of Chicago Region.  While I was in college and graduate school in the 80’s, I worked grid at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit (just west of Tulsa, OK) every chance I could.  After school was done, my wife and I moved to Michigan and once we were settled in, we joined the club and began pursuing my lifelong desire to go racing.

In an effort to learn “how the sausage was made,” I became a flagger and worked at all the CenDiv tracks to understand how each different region put on a race.  I talked to other workers, stewards, drivers, etc., to gain some insight into the process.  This experience was invaluable in helping flatten my learning curve as I jumped into the deep end of the Club Racing pool.

I raced Sprites in H Production for 18 years with moderate success (a few wins…..but lots of fun).  I decided to walk away from the car in 2018.  The last three years, I have competed exclusively in Solo events in my Chevrolet Bolt in HS.  As it’s a full electric car (all torque), it’s made for the tight, twisty confines of a Solo course and it’s a blast to drive…..on the course as well as the street.


I have been an analytical chemist for over 35 years.  After working for large and small firms as well as in academia, I am currently self-employed as an instrumentation sales rep for several firms.  This position has allowed me to work from home for the last 12 years.  This fact has given me the choice of being able to address my “non work” items at my convenience.  I realize not everyone has this luxury and I plan on taking advantage of this and being available to the membership to a greater extent.

I believe I have the requisite, broad based experience within the Club to be qualified for the position:

  • WMR member since 1997
  • WMR BoD member for over 15 years (Assistant RE, Director at Large)
  • WMR Club Racing event Race Chair (with Verne Wandell) for over 10 years including Regionals, Nationals, Majors
  • WMR Competition Manager for over 15 years. This position oversees all WMR competition programs (Solo, Club Racing, RallyX).
  • Club Racing worker experience in these specialties: Grid/Pits, F&C, Sound, Race Administration, Tech and Registration
  • GLDiv Club Racing Regional Champ Series committee member (rules writing, etc.)
  • Club Racing National Competition license holder for 18 years (2001-2018)
  • GLDiv Lead Instructor (over saw GLDiv driver’s school)
  • CenDiv Regional Champion in HP in 2001
  • GLDiv Champion in HP in 2010
  • Eight-time Runoffs participant
  • Solo participant for over 10 years
  • F&C worker at the Runoffs (2011, 2014, 2015)


Should I gain the favor of my colleagues in Area 4, I will make sure to do the following:

  • I will always have an “open door” policy so any member can let me know about specific questions, comments or concerns they may have about the Club’s operations or policies. I cannot draw conclusions in a vacuum.  I must have input from the membership in order to act on your behalf.
  • I will always keep the membership informed as to my position on topics.
  • I will inform the membership on how I voted on items that come before the BoD.
  • I will email our membership on a monthly basis, so they understand my involvement on the BoD.
  • Use my professional training as a scientist to evaluate and collate data so I can properly make conclusions based on that data.
  • As my schedule permits, I will do my best to travel to regional meetings (post pandemic) and various SCCA events in our division (Club Racing, Solo, RallyX, TNiA, etc.).


Thank you, in advance, for your support.  For further details about the campaign, my biography, my platform and my commitment to the membership, please visit my campaign’s web page at
.  Please contact me at if you have any questions or comments.

Charlie Davis

I have served on SCCA's National Board of Directors, representing Area 9, since late 2016. I joined SCCA in 1978 as an autocrosser , Pro Rally organizing committee member and road race tech inspector. Since then, I have served on numerous advisory committees, the Solo Events Board, and spent over 20 years as a San Francisco Region Solo Steering Committee member, chairing that committee five times. I have also been a roadrace communicator and club ambassador. 

While serving on the Board of Directors, I have been liaison to the Club Racing Board and more recently to the Solo Events Board and Time Trial Board. Our current Board of Directors has made a lot of progress toward getting a handle on the financial situation of the club and specifically the Pro Racing portion of the club. I can't take any personal credit for this progress, as the 13 member Board is truly a collaborative effort along with the Executive Team in Topeka.  Despite the bizarre circumstances of 2020, we are strong, lean and poised for an even brighter future.

Our club structure  is a very  complicated business model. We are a club with member staffed committees and boards, and at the same time a business with a paid staff that implements our programs with club members as shareholders. I'm very proud to have been a part of our search to find a President and CEO several years ago and I am very glad that we found Mike Cobb to serve in that capacity.  When you find someone capable of wearing all the hats that the President of this club wears, the Board of Directors has to know  when to step back and let that person run the show, and have the confidence that he will do it well.  We have that confidence in Mike. 

The person who you choose represent San Francisco and Reno Regions needs to be a team player who values all of our programs equally and the hard work, dedication and contributions of all the members. I believe that I am that person and I serve the club without conflict of interest.  I also believe in continuity, and feel that when an incumbent is representing the members well, he or she should continue into their second and final term to that end.

Thank you for allowing me to serve our club.

Dave Vodden

Your vote for me will get you the best possible resources to do what you need done to insure a quality, full spectrum SCCA experience for you and all current and future members. Here is why.

  1. Unparalleled experience in motorsports across a broad spectrum of the industry including but not limited to thirty three years on the job, every day for the SCCA!
  2. Vast knowledge of the business of the Club, the industry and the many components that have to line up to optimize the club experience for the majority of members.
  3. In depth experience in the motorsports insurance industry and the key people within, who manage all components that effect the Club  starting with Participant Legal Liability, General Liability and Medical Reimbursement.
  4. Long-time experience in track development and management including knowing what a track needs to be successful with and for the Clubs and the members.
  5. Long-time exposure to the evolution and operation of other track club organizations that share the market place with the SCCA. Knowing how others do what we do is invaluable.
  6. Financial knowledge of all aspects of motorsports – Club administration, promotion and sponsorships, team development and accounting reports.
  7. Aware of the legal requirements and historical uniqueness of a 501 C-4 corporation such as the Club that was incorporated on April 15, 1953.
  8. Exposure, understanding and good relations with road tracks and managers on the west coast and across the nation. Same for west coast SCCA regions.
  9. Past Regional Manager, event promoter, journalist, car owner and current driver in the SF Region. Many race wins and titles along the way.
  10. Chief Executive Officer of Thunderhill Park since 1990.
  11. Actively engaged as attendee at the National Conventions and supporter of our National Directors including Roger Eandi, Dr. Gary Pitts and others.
  12. Participated in the development of Reno Fernley Raceway as advisor/helper in the beginning and with others seeking to re-open the track in recent years.
  13. Participated in the successful deployment of Sacramento Solo to action at Thunderhill Park in 2019.
  14. Worked hard to get Rally Cross up and running in the Region and have a National Rally Cross event planned for 2021.

The candidate you want to vote for is the one that can bring you the most value for your time, effort, energy and money spent having fun with cars the SCCA way.

Not the most popular, not the best looking, nor even the nicest. You need the best person for the job who has a proven track record of getting things done. Think Thunderhill.

Your vote for me will get all of the above working for you to solve problems and build a better, more relevant and enjoyable SCCA experience for you and your family of SCCA.

Thank you in advance for your vote.


Jason Isley

Wow, where has the time gone? While the Sports Car Club of America has a reputation for moving slowly, as I near the end of my first term on the Board of Directors, it all seems like a blur. During this time, we have seen the Club make some technological advances – some of which are still ongoing – that have greatly improved the member experience. We have also seen the development of the Club’s Mission, Vision, and Values, making the organization, and its events, a friendlier place to be.  

While 2020 is a year most of us will be happy to put behind us, we have seen how strong the Club is, as even with reduced activities, membership numbers held strong. A positive to come out of 2020 was finding the right strategic partner for the SCCA Pro Racing F4 U.S. and FR Americas Championships. Moving into 2021, SCCA Pro Racing will continue to sanction both series, as it does with several other series, but no longer be responsible for the commercial aspects.     

As a member since 1993, I have spent more than half of my life involved with the Club. Like many, my first experience with SCCA was Solo. It served as an excellent competitive outlet to play with my car affordably, which was not highly demanding of my time. It’s still something I enjoy today. As the years progressed, I have had the opportunity to try many of the different disciplines the Club has to offer, from RoadRally, to RallyCross, to Club Racing. I have also made numerous trips over the years to the Solo Nationals Championships, National Championship Runoffs, and RallyCross Nationals as a competitor.

The Club and its activities have been a big part of my life. I met my wife, Jennifer, at a Solo event, and I have made many great friends through SCCA events. I spent more than a decade as SportsCar magazine’s Associate Editor, which offered me great insight into the automotive industry, particularly as it pertained to motorsports.

While being an active participant for over 25 years, I have been involved behind the scenes. I previously served on the Solo Events Board and the Club Racing Production Advisory Committee in addition to event-related tasks.

Having seen the Club’s programs evolve and grow throughout the years, it is the organization’s history that sets it apart. While adapting to changing markets is essential, the Club’s foundation is why we recently celebrated its 75th anniversary.

As an organization, I continue to believe that our focus should be on maintaining the quality of events, as opposed to the quantity of programs. We don’t need to be everything to everyone; instead, our focus should be to offer the best programs in areas our members are enthusiastic about.

One of my favorite things about the Club is the familiar experience I get seemingly no matter where I travel. From the friendly people to the event organization, having continuity and consistency among many programs makes for a great member experience. However, I am also aware that what works for one Region does not always work for another. Our Regions should be supplied with the guidance and tools needed to help keep them healthy, while still allowing them the freedom to tailor programs to their needs. I believe this is an area where we have made significant progress, but still have work to do.   

Thank you, 
Jason Isley 
SPDiv member 217572

James Cantrell

My name is Jim Cantrell and I am seeking the position of Area 11 Director.  I am a life long automotive enthusiast and a member of the SCCA since 2009 in the Arizona Region.  I was born about ten miles from Riverside Raceway and grew up in Region 11 watching the great drivers compete in the golden era of the SCCA.  I began my involvement in motorsports racing go carts at the age of 11.  I learned to drag race at age 16 and started competing in Autocross (solo) soon thereafter.  I started in HPDE track events in 2002 and this led me to seek even more speed and competition. I started road racing at the ripe old age of 40 years old and have been a regular participant in SCCA regional, national and Runoffs in GT- and T2 in addition to owning and driving in an endurance race team competing in 8’ 14 and 25 hour races.  It’s an understatement to say that racing and the well being of the SCCA is very important to me.

I have spent my professional life as an engineer, consultant and executive in the aerospace industry and have helped start some of the most innovative companies like SpaceX and Iridium Sat phones alongside eleven smaller space startups.  I started my automotive engineering company, Vintage Exotics, in 2007 designing and restoring race machinery.  I have also consulted for many small, medium and large companies working corporate turnarounds and mergers and acquisitions and served on a number of national boards in space and non profit organizations. I believe that my experience working with large and small organizations undergoing external and internal change gives me a unique perspective on the problems I and solutions facing the SCCA.

I am currently the Regional Executive for Arizona and have been on the region’s board since 2013.  I have experienced firsthand the effects of the economic downturn of 2008-2012 had on racing and the SCCA in particular.  Like my profession as a lifelong entrepreneur, I am motivated to make the SCCA better for its members, racers, solo competitors and a new generation of auto enthusiasts who have yet to discover the SCCA family and the passion of motorsports.  We, as an organization, have a tall order before us to capture an entirely new generation of enthusiasts into the SCCA while still ensuring a strong future for the SCCA.

My vision for the SCCA as a whole is one that is customer focused, continues to develop its brand as the best amateur racing club in the world and capitalizes on its rich history of leadership in the motorsports industry.  My vision for Region 11 is to leverage its assets, geographic locations and unique ‘car culture’ demographics to fuel the SCCA growth and expand the quality and quantity of SCCA events in Area 11 as a result.  We have a large inventory of historic tracks and large enthusiastic driver populations.  We also have regions that used to be much more active but still have pent up demand in their community for amateur motorsports events.  Area 11 has all that we need to become vibrant once again but cannot become vibrant doing as we have for the past few decades. We must do something different if we wish to change our trajectory. 

First, we must understand the next generation of drivers, what they will spend to and spend their hard earned money and time on and how to reach them.  Second, we have to be a friendly organization that is inclusive of new members and lowers the barriers to them becoming part of the larger SCCA family.  Third, we have to have enough variety in events (road racing, bracket endurance, hill climbs, solo events, rally and HPDE track days) to appeal to the broadest possible segment of the next generation of drivers.  If we can crack that code and combine it with sane and logical safety rules and great customer service, our future in the the SCCA as a whole will be very bright.

My promise to you, members of Area 11, is that if I have the privilege of serving as Director, I will represent each and every one of you on the national level and I will work with National SCCA to bring back the glory days of the SCCA by attracting the next generation of members to our SCCA family.

Members of the Board of Directors in the midst of their terms include: Area 1 - Bob Dowie, Area 2 - Jack Burrows, Area 5 - Peter Jankovskis, Area 6 - Chris Albin, Area 7 - Dan Helman, Area 8 - Arnie Coleman, Area 10 - Charles Dobbs, Area 12 - Steve Strickland, Area 13 - Jeff Zurschmeide.

The Board of Directors represents you, the members—be a part of the process and vote!