Inside SCCA: Fastrack... What is it?

“Look for it in Fastrack.”
“It was posted in Fastrack.”
“You better check out the new Fastrack.”

Those are common statements in SCCA. There’s also one more that some may think, but might not have the guts to ask. 

“What the $&%! is Fastrack?”


In short, Fastrack is the minutes of the Club, most often used to keep members abreast of any rule or technical changes, and is typically updated once per month.

Until the last few years, Fastrack was inserted into monthly editions of SportsCar. Longtime members may remember the middle section of the magazine containing Fastrack – these are now posted online at You can get them directly at

So what is there? You’ll see several sections once you arrive, ranging from “Board of Directors” to each of the programs – i.e., Road Racing, Solo, RallyCross, etc. – and, finally, archives.

Each of the program headers is a drop down containing the latest news, minutes from the program boards, and rules updates that may or may not apply to your particular car or class. This is important because you, ultimately, are responsible for your own car.

These are also important because it serves as the official communication for all programs. If a topic deserves or requires member comment, the request will come here. Member comment is your chance to voice your opinion before the topic becomes law, or disappears forever.

The archives are ordered by year, so that a member can search and view the revisions of single letters throughout a season.

In short, it’s all there. This is the nuts and bolts of what you might need before you come to the race track or to the course. It’s not something you have to read every day – but if there’s a segment of the Club you regularly participate in, it’s probably worth a monthly reminder to read up on what you’ve missed!

Read Fastrack!


Photo by Tommie Lauer