Over the last weeks and months Americans have ridden an unprecedented roller coaster that has challenged us emotionally, intellectually and physically. We have been asked to radically change our lives, we have been given nearly daily new rules to live by and we have lost touch with many of the things we love most. And through all of this, what we have seen and heard asked over and over by motorsports fans and participants is: what can I do?

Today, SCCA in partnership with Global Time Attack and Gridlife is answering that question with the #SupportMotorsport campaign. Just as many music venues, beloved pubs and restaurants are seeking support, the #SupportMotorsport concept is an invitation to those who can to support the hobby, venues and organizations that we live our passion through.

“First, this effort should only come after we have been able to secure ourselves and those around us,” Heyward Wagner, SCCA Sr. Director of Marketing and Experiential Programs said. “That said, support for motorsport, right now, can have a profound effect on the future of the sport. That can be done by buying apparel or tickets from your favorite track, entering events or joining organizations.”

The ultimate goal of this initiative is to ensure that the most precious resource of motorsport, venues, are protected and preserved. And there are a few key ways that this can be done:

Enter Events, Buy Tickets

Motorsports is historically a space where people wait before making a purchase, perhaps to see what the weather will be or to ensure there are no conflicting plans. Right now, however, an entry or a ticket sale is a vote for an event to actually happen and gives tracks, organizers and sanctioning bodies the confidence needed to keep events on the schedule and to keep tracks rented.

Get Gear

Whether it is a t-shirt from your favorite track, a hat from your favorite sanctioning body or poster from your favorite team, merchandise purchases are a great way to show support for tracks and those who rent tracks. And, please remember, many states have specified that racetracks are not essential services, so shipping times will likely be delayed.

Join Clubs

Many motorsports participants enjoy and appreciate the work of clubs and organizations, both locally and nationally, but have not felt the call to join. Joining the local autocross group that you run with a time or two a year, or the national organizations that produce the rules and standards that events are run by helps these clubs plan events, make deposits with tracks and keep staff and volunteers supported and engaged in creating your next motorsport experience.

We acknowledge that these efforts are secondary to the immediate needs of yourself and your family during these difficult times, and may not apply to everyone. For those who are in position to, doing these things can and will make a real difference in ensuring that motorsport is here for all of us long term. Those who are not able to make financial contributions are encouraged to go to social media with links to the tracks and organizations you are passionate about to help spread the message that each of us has the power and opportunity to #SupportMotorsport.