Getting Up to Speed: Our New Communications Approach

SCCA is excited this week to launch phase one of a new digital communications strategy aimed at providing you the content you want in more streamlined, easy-to find ways. That means fewer emails in your inbox, dedicated space on the website for announcements from program leaders, and overall better ways to stay up to speed with SCCA.


What’s New?

Fewer Emails, All the News

Who doesn’t want fewer emails in their inbox? In the past, we’ve sent individual newsletters for most of our programs—like APEX for Road Racing and SoloMatters for Solo—and often sent other stories individually. Starting this week, we’re consolidating those into one organization-wide newsletter which will be sent out on Tuesday each week. Each newsletter will highlight the week’s top SCCA announcements and stories and provide links to and the program news pages to read the full articles.

Anyone with an active account on or any of our websites will automatically receive the newsletter. Don’t see it but should? Make sure to check your promotions and spam folders and move it to your inbox so you’ll see them in the future. Still don’t see it, or don’t have an account? No problem! Just sign up here

Program Announcements + Website

With the consolidation of the program-centric newsletters, we wanted to create an easy-to-find place for important program announcements—like event and schedule updates or rule changes—to live on our website. Starting this week, you’ll be able to find those announcements in a new “Program Announcements” box at the top of each program homepage, right next to the latest program news. When you’re looking for the latest info about your programs, that’s the place to watch. Announcements will be posted as things happen.    

Program leaders may send you email from time to time to make sure you receive important news about the programs in which you have an interest. We’ll also be providing links to those program homepages in each of the newsletters, so they’ll be easy to find whether you’re on the website or in your inbox.  

Program Announcements + Facebook

Program news will continue to be shared across our Facebook pages dedicated to programs. If you’re active on the social platform, this is another great way to get immediate access to information for the programs that interest you.  Just join any of the groups below and stay in the loop.

What’s Next?

Phase one of this new strategy officially kicks off Tuesday, March 3 with the first send of our consolidated newsletter, but it’s just the first step. There are more developments coming soon including personalized content based on your interests and membership, streamlining the website so it’s easier to find the content you want and need, and behind-the-scenes work on video content and social media channels to continue enhancing the way we communicate.

You can stay up to speed with these changes, and everything from the SCCA, by reading the newsletter each Tuesday or by browsing here on

The Bigger Picture

This digital communications strategy is just one piece of a broader organization-wide push to improve and enhance the online experience with SCCA, which also encompasses the evolving Member Account Portal and a new social media policy. Watch for more information on those coming soon.