Formula Vee Hall of Fame Founded

SCCA member and Formula Vee racer Graham Loughead has founded the Formula Vee Hall of Fame. With help of fellow driver Lisa Noble, the duo has created a website and organization that celebrates those who contribute to motorsport through their legacy in the Formula Vee class. Many builders, drivers, officials, and crew go unrecognized through their entire career in racing. But that is all about to change.


According to Loughead, Formula Vee has been one of the most popular classes in racing since 1963, creating a legacy of heroes that is unparalleled. Juxtapose low horsepower cars, skinny tires, and almost no aero package with close racing, big fields, and camaraderie and you get the excitement that makes the class so appealing and enduring.


The Formula Vee community -- along with a Hall of Fame Selection Committee of Neil Cox, Stu Delaney, Donnie Isley, Jim Kearney, Graham Loughead, Marjorie Lundberg, Rick Shields and Skip Streets -- will nominate and vote annually on inductees through a new website,


“It is our privilege to highlight the careers of some of FV’s top talent,” Noble noted. “It will be fun to hear the stories and learn about the impact that the class has had on so many talented people in the sport.”


Go to to learn more about the Hall of Fame mission, criteria, and to submit your nomination under the Hall of Fame tab. Inductee honors will be in October at the SCCA’s Runoffs held this year at VIRginia International Raceway.


Photo Credit: Mark Weber


Raquel Keefe

I'm grateful to persons such as the formula vee founders since my dad lost a close friend who got me started on the road to some kind of "formula" event volunteer work though I realize I will not be driving. I'm a type of volunteer worker at time trial, but my aspirations are to work past entry level in the formula vee class. Perhaps, someone could start some kind of face book or public (I don't know--is it private?) forum supporting the formula vee foundation.