SCCA Creates New GT-X Class for Homologated GT Cars

TOPEKA, Kan. (Dec. 6, 2018) -- Sports Car Club of America’s Board of Directors approved the rule set to create GT-X, a new Summit Racing Equipment Road Racing class designed to capture internationally-homologated cars and tube-frame cars outside of the current available classes. Eligible cars will include those homologated to FIA GT3, SRO GT4 and TCR specifications.

The GT-X class will be eligible at all Regional, Majors and Hoosier Racing Tire SCCA® Super Tour events in 2019. That will not include the 2019 SCCA National Championship Runoffs®, although it could be considered for future Runoffs events.

“There is a huge movement worldwide for homologated GT and Touring-style racecars, but there hasn’t been a clear way for all of these cars to race with SCCA,” SCCA Vice President and COO Eric Prill said. “The Club Racing Board’s introduction of the GT-X class is a very simple and elegant solution for people to enjoy these spectacular cars with SCCA.”

In addition to the FIA GT3, SRO GT4 and TCR classes, which will follow international vehicle regulations, GT-X will also welcome tube frame cars currently classified in SCCA GT-1 that wish to add additional aerodynamic, wheel, brake and fuel delivery modifications, as well as cars built previous to Grand-Am tube-frame specs.

“The purpose of GT-X is to provide a place for these cars to race within SCCA, not necessarily balance performance of each car or one specific class rule set to another,” SCCA Club Racing Board Chairman-Elect Peter Keane said.

Because it is not a class that will be actively managed with balance of performance adjustments once the season has started, GT-X will race for event awards and contingency prizes, but for 2019 will not recognize Majors Conference or Hoosier Super Tour championships.

SCCA has obtained permission to use the current rule sets through their respective organizing bodies, including the Federation Internationale de L’Automobile (FIA), Stephane Ratel Organization (SRO) and World Sporting Consulting (WSC).

Photo Credits: Jay Bonvouloir


Tim Linerud

John R Walsh,  when you bring back G Production, GT4 and GT5, then I will have a conversation with you.  

John R Walsh

So........nothing.  That's the best you could do - "nothing" ? 

Tim Linerud

Great,  just another worthless class for ex-pro cars.  When is the BoD going to learn, that this doesn't work?  How many times have SCCA tried this in the past, and crashed and burned?  Most regions have already have a "catch all" class for these cars.

Maybe it's time to go to a Vintage group that appreciates my membership.  

John R Walsh

Tim -

Maybe you can explain to us how you are harmed (financially, strategically, emotionally ?) by these cars being classified in Club Racing.

They're not ex-pro cars. They're all the CURRENT cars in the pro series that are seeing good entries, and seeing good manufacturer support. 

You indicate that this devalues your membership.  How, exactly ?