2018 Tire Rack Crows Landing Championship Tour Fast Notes

Compared to the concurrent event in Texas, the 2018 Tire Rack Crows Landing Championship Tour was all sun and warmth. Drivers enjoyed the grippy concrete and a course designed by Justin Moore.

In the 17-driver STX class, Adrian Cardenas put together an amazing set of runs to finish with a 1.846-second margin of victory over car-owner Steve Oblenes. If you have ever been to Nationals these two would also be the last standing in the quest to see who owns the most Mazdas, they have 19 between them! Mack Tsang, Annie Gill and Tristan Littlehale rounded out the trophies.

C Modified also made a great showing with 11 entrants and 4 different cars in the top four spots. Without ABS it was an exciting session to watch as they locked-up, spun or danced through the slaloms. On top was Eric Clements, but Mark Uhlmann was only a cone away in second, keeping the pressure on. Ben Martinez and John Krotez claimed the remaining trophies.

C Street had some competitors trying to shift as many as 11 times a run while hanging on for the high grip turn-arounds and large offsets. Day 1 leader Scott Phillips failed to hold off Brian Coulson, who took the win among the 14 competitors by 0.100 second. Andrew Kessel, Joe Goeke and Maurice Velandia rounded out the trophies in third through fifth. 

With 50 years between car models, B Street Prepared had a gorgeous, earth rumbling 1966 Corvette piloted by Manny Pretti, up to Ron Bauer in his 2016 ND Miata. Ron had the raw speed for the victory, but a cone on his best runs forced him to settle for second while Anthony Porta took the win.

SSC had 14 competitors and similar setups had people searching for maximum grip on the Crows Landing concrete. Putting his home course advantage to good use was Tony Rodriguez who led day one by 0.4 second over Max Hayter and Mike Simyani who were within 0.004 of each other. In the final runs it was Max Hayter, dropping almost 0.7 second, to take back the lead and finish on top of Rodriguez by 0.605 second. Mike Simanyi, Jonathan Stroud and Adam Ruff claimed the remaining trophies.

Complete Results from the 2018 Tire Rack Crows Landing Championship Tour can be found here.

Top 10 Finishers in PAX:

  1. Matt Ellam, BM
  2. Jeff Kiesel, EM
  3. Brian Peters, SSR
  4. Alex Muresan, SSR
  5. Anthony Porta, BSP
  6. Sam Strano, AS
  7. Mark Scroggs, DS
  8. Ron Bauer, BSP
  9. Karlton Lew, AS
  10. Tom Ellam, BM