Solo Spec Class Tire Announced

TOPEKA, Kan. (Jan. 18, 2017) -- The SCCA announced today that the Falken Azenis RT615K+ is the spec tire for the new Solo Spec Coupe (SSC) class.  In the required 225/45-17 size, the tires are currently available for $114.63 per, through Tire Rack.

While the Azenis RT615K+ may not be immediately familiar to the majority of the autocross community, it has proven itself to be as capable as it is affordable within the motorsports world.  Just ask multi-time National Champion, and Driver of eminence, Andy McKee, who had the chance to experience them first hand while team driving a Mustang with Mike Maier. “They grip almost instantly, even in colder temperatures, which is of primary importance in motorsports where speed at the first corner counts,” Andy said, speaking of how well the tire will work in an Autocross setting.  He also found it important to speak to the tire’s longevity, adding that “the tire held up well on the 3500+ lb car for the duration of the event, and had plenty of tread left at the end. Even after all the grueling abuse, they still generated 1.05G's of lateral grip on a dry skidpad.”

He concluded, “For the budget-minded competitor, the Falkens are very consistent through the entirety of the tread depth, with very little falloff in ultimate performance even when they are at the end of their life.”

John Rogers, of Tire Rack, had this to say about the Azenis: “The Falken Azenis RT615K+ looks like a smart choice as the spec tire for the new Solo Spec Coupe (SSC) autocross class. Our testing found that the RT615K+ delivers very good, if not latest-and-greatest, dry performance along with significantly improved wet traction, along with good wear characteristics, too. Combine all of that with the very attractive everyday price and steady product availability and you have a perfect component to complement the objectives of the SSC class – an affordable package that is fun to drive, works well in competition while remaining very usable on the street.”

Falken Tire is no stranger to motorsports.  From Formula Drift, to off-road racing in the Smittybilt Every Man Challenge, Falken Tire is an engaged partner with a love of all things racing.  Jonathon Bradford, speaking on behalf of the tire maker, said, “We are excited to be named the spec tire for the new Solo Spec Couple class with our Azenis RT615k+ tire. Falken has a long-standing tenure in motorsports and we look forward to helping the class grow with both seasoned solo participants and first timers.”

The Solo Spec Coupe, or SSC for short, which was announced at the Tire Rack Solo Nationals last year, is an exciting new supplemental class for 2018 national and regional events.  It was developed to be unique in that its primary focus is on the competitor’s driving, by having all participants running in nearly identical cars, either the 2013 to 2016 Subaru BRZ or Scion FR-S, and using specific performance enhancing aftermarket parts from Koni, Eibach, SPC Performance, and now Falken Tire. This allows competitors to mod their Twin of choice in a way that is not only cost effective, but also highlights the car’s capabilities and strengths, providing an excellent dollars-to-fun ratio.

SCCA President & CEO Mike Cobb said about the class, “When you take an exciting car model and add great partner support, a dedicated Solo Spec Coupe class in which to play, and terrific drivers, you get an outstanding SCCA member experience we’re sure many people will enjoy.”

Judging by the social media posts of cars being built, and completed already, it appears quite a few members agree with Cobb!  If you’re building an SSC car, document your process on social media and be sure to tag SCCA partners, as well as #funwithcars, #SCCASolo and #SoloSpec.