Important Tire Rack Solo Nationals Dates

For some, Solo Nationals starts as early as March with various Tire Rack National Solo events and car prep for the big show in Lincoln come September. It's getting to be the time of year when Solo Nationals prep is really starting. Below are some dates which you should mark on your calendar for Solo Nationals registration:

  • May 15th Registration for group requests opens and for region tent rental (two separate registrations)
    Group registration: A group is defined as 5 or more entrants. Group request registration is to name the lead of each group, not to register everyone that will be in each group. This lead serves as the sole communicator for the group. We will communicate with only one person on behalf of each group to avoid confusion, the group lead will also act as an emergency contact for each group.
    Region/Division Tent rental: Once again we have seven 20’X30’ and two 30’X30’ pole tents available for regions to rent. They will go up in a designated spot after speaking with the chief of digital paddock. The purpose of the tent rentals is to help engage the regions and/or divisions with their members and provide a place to hang out. We encourage gathering together with others. Any region/division that rents a tent does not need to create a group as we will automatically add a group registration.
  • June 26 Registration for Solo Nationals opens. When you register, there will be a drop-down box including the list of the groups that registered with us.
  • July 10th Registration for groups closes. If we get any new groups after the event registration opens they will be added to the drop down. The dropdown prevents someone from requesting a group that doesn’t exist.
  • July 24th Group requests within event registration closes. No one can request to be in a group at this point. Once this closes, we will ask each group to send us their list which we will cross check that with the list from MSR. If someone is on the list in MSR but not on the list from the group, we will let that person know they will be on the outskirts of that group and we will notify the group as well.
  • August 14th Paddock registration opens for individual spots.


Here are a few rules we will be setting:


  • Every registration includes a 25’X25’ paddock space. If you need one additional 25’X25’ it costs $25. If someone needs more than two spots, they must be approved by Brian Harmer. We will only allow someone to purchase up to 3 additional spots (4 total). Those that purchase 3 or more 25’X25’ spaces will be placed at the farthest North part of paddock.
  • Last year we had many people request to change which group they were in or where the group wanted to paddock. This year, to keep on schedule, we ask that when you select your group you stay with that group.
  • We know last year that constant date changes for paddock was a problem. The dates you see here are the dates we will stick by, and they will not change

All links and information, as they become available, can be seen on the Solo Nationals event page on