2016 Solo Triad Winners!

TOPEKA, Kan. (Oct. 12, 2016) -- The cones have all been picked up on the 2016 Tire Rack SCCA Solo season, which means it’s time to name the year’s Solo Triad winners!

There are two ways to claim a Solo Triad award. The first is for racers to win one Tire Rack Championship Tour event, one Tire Rack Match Tour date and a Tire Rack Solo National Championship all in the same class. The other option is for drivers to claim two Tire Rack Championship Tour wins and a Tire Rack Solo National Championship, also all in the same class. One change starting this year is that events with fewer than three competitors within a class were not counted toward Solo Triad credit.

Solo Triad winners receive a special trophy and their name entered into a drawing for one free SCCA Lifetime Membership. The name will be drawn at the 2017 SCCA National Convention. The 2016 Solo Triad winners are as follows:

Daniel McCelvey; Houston, Texas; C Street

Deana Kelley; Tempe, Arizona; C Street Ladies

Dennis Sparks; Birmingham, Alabama; D Street

Jeff Wong; Moorpark, California; Street Touring Sport

James Yom; Los Angeles, California; Street Touring Roadster

Robert Thorne; Littleton, Colorado; Super Street Modified

Jinx Jordan; Terrell, North Carolina; Street Modified FWD

Additionally, Formula Junior B racer Mason Herrick, of McPherson, Kansas, earned the McClintock-Berry Award for wins at Tire Rack Championship Tour events in Lincoln, Nebraska, and College Station, Texas, as well as claiming an in-class victory at the Tire Rack Solo National Championship.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners.


Photo Credit: Rupert Berrington

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