Update on SCCA Board of Directors Action

In response to the incident that took place at the end of the American Sedan race during the 2016 National Championship Runoffs, the SCCA Board of Directors voted unanimously to suspend indefinitely the membership of Tom Sloe, driver of car No. 156 in the American Sedan class.

In accordance with SCCA Bylaw Article II Section 4.d, “The Board of Directors or the governing body of a Regular Member's Region may suspend a Member at any time for infraction of any Club rule or any other cause if the suspending body deems the action in the best interests of the Club.

“The suspending body shall immediately notify a Member who has been suspended, in writing, of the suspension,” Article II Section 4.d states.  “The suspended Member shall then be entitled to a reasonable opportunity to be heard, in person or through a representative, by the Board of Directors or a committee appointed by it. The Board of Directors may thereafter continue for a definite term, terminate, or rescind the suspension, or expel the Member, and its decision shall be final. In addition, if the Board of Directors is the original suspending body, and a hearing is held prior to any action, then the Board of Directors may suspend for a definite term or expel the Member without affording a second opportunity to be heard.”

Per the SCCA Bylaw, Sloe can request a hearing on the suspension.  If that occurs, the club’s Board of Directors will select a hearing board to address the matter.  If a hearing takes place, findings will be published in a future edition of SCCA Fastrack News.

Anthony D.

I just watch that race. Sloe does have some issues. The first touch at the start ok shake it off it happens. But when Sloes left front got damaged he should have just stayed right where he was. He was targeting McDermids car. 

Col Michael R Kowalsky

Note of clarification:  None of my rant had to do with the Porsche racing incidents. I am addressing the "wait on the side of the track and t-bone McDermid's car as it passed" decision. This clearly demonstrates a lack of anger management and a whole lot of unsportsmanlike conduct. Not cool!

Anthony D.

I take it that I have alot of catching up to do.

Col Michael R Kowalsky

It is about time! Mr. Sloe has been a rabble rouser for many of years. Karma has come to collect him. He believes that none of the rules apply to him and will spend an indefinite amount of time arguing against any SCCA ruling. In the past, the SCCA finally would wear down and cave in. Once again, the child known as Tom Sloe gets his way. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that this recent action will eventually be dismissed in his favor. However, I hold out for our club's long time stance against poor sportsmanship to rise above all of the politics of this matter and show people like Mr. Sloe above all, we must play well with others. This is road racing, not demolition derby.  Mr. Sloe, take your car and go home. You are not welcome anymore. 

Donald E Harrington

The rules apply to all competitors. If they can't write the rules correctly, why is it his fault to apply the rules as written.

Ronald Sanders

Tom Slow's membership should be terminated indefinitly.

This Runoff insident was not a one time thing.

Last month at the Mid Ohio Regional event he twice hit a much faster Porsche not

in his class that was trying to pass him.

Three years ago at the Runoffs at Mid America race he tried to kill my friend

Matt Pallano on the last lap of the T-2 race.

He did $20,000+ damage to his Corvette

I am sure there are other unreported and reported incidences that I am not awaire of.

This man is a danger to everyone one the track and should be terminated from

SCCA before he hurts or kills somebody.

He should be terminated indefinety.

Ron Sanders



Donald E Harrington

Post facts, not opinions. Sloe was faster than the Porsche and it showed in the video. In both incidents, he held his line and the other cars drove into him. 

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