“Get Off My Lawn” Honors Senior Soloists

When we use the term “veteran soloist,” we’re not referring to an elder statesman playing in an orchestra or a guitarist for the Rolling Stones. In the sport of autocross, veteran soloists are seasoned competitors, usually with many hours of seat time, who have honed skills and earned their stripes and driving talent.

Veteran soloists are an extremely valuable asset to the Solo community. Whatever anomaly may arise during an event, it’s likely they’ve encountered it before and have a solution for the situation.  And in many cases, these competitors are also the trusty mortar that binds Solo participants across Regions.

So it is only appropriate that the SCCA Solo program has created a fun competition award for these golden members of the sport. The “Get Off My Lawn Award,” new for 2016, will be handed out for the first time during the Tire Rack Dixie Championship Tour event.

The illustrious trophy is about 6-inches high and features a bright, scuff-free orange cone emblazoned with “Get Off My Lawn.” The pristine cone sits atop a 7x7-inch square of luscious green artificial turf “ruined” at one corner with black tire tread marks.  A small plaque on the front of the trophy contains a quote frequently attributed to George Bernard Shaw: “Youth is Wasted on the Young.”

Howard Duncan, SCCA Senior Director of Solo and Rally, said the award will go to drivers, 62 years of age or older, competing in the “unofficial” Master’s Class at 2016 SCCA National Solo events, including Tire Rack SCCA ProSolo, Tire Rack SCCA Solo Championship Tour, Tire Rack SCCA Match Tour and Tire Rack Solo Nationals Presented by Garmin VIRB. The winners at each event will be based on the best index score across all car classes, with a trophy going to the Master’s Open winner and Master’s Ladies winner.

“The ‘Get Off My Lawn Award’ was created as a way to honor Master’s Class competitors out there driving hard at SCCA Solo events. And who knows, maybe we’ll be able to scare up some contingency rewards down the road from an arthritis pill maker or bifocal manufacturer looking to get into motorsports sponsorship,” Duncan joked with a grin.

So, baby boomers, dust off your helmets, check your tire pressures, and get ready to compete for the “Get Off My Lawn Award” during a SCCA National Solo event coming to you.

Photo: Prototype mock-up of new “Get Off My Lawn Award”