SCCA Majors Group 5  HP/FP/EP/GTL/B-spec
Saturday Sprint Race
Perspective of Car #42 VW Golf GTI
Checkered Passed Racing

Note:  In this race, HP starts VW Golf(Blue), VW Golf(Yellow), MG(Yellow), VW Golf Black all in a row on the right. Results/HPT May/sat/Gr 5 EP HP FP GTL T4 STL B-Spec - Official Race Day1.pdf


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Angus Crome

I was not overly impressed with my performance on this day, as I was fighting the car, the track and my good sense pretty much everywhere.  First race on this track, and was not yet familiar with how the turns setup (or didn't) for each other.   Still, 10 seconds down from my class leaders (in an ITB car) was not bad.  I managed to keep that going on Sunday, as they sped up.

Sunday's Race was much better, after talking with the other three folks in my class plus Jim Wheeler and Natha Waldbaum about specific points on the track.