If you live in an area where road racing and autocross can't take place year-round, do you or would you be interested in a winter RallyCross program?

Jon Spears

I be happy if my region would just have a drivers school. 

Zoran Djuric

I don't know if I would want to participate in winter RallyCross, but I wouldn't mind attending an event or 2. Seems like it would have some potential.


I live in Detroit and will leave mid Jan for GA, FL, TX and AZ to train and race.

Nathan D.

I live in Central Ohio and am interested in trying to set up a SCCA RallyCross group in my area. Who do I need to talk to?

Cheryl Babbe

We have had successful fall and spring RallyCross seasons, even in Alaska -- belief in global warming or not -- we are not guaranteed ice, yet that is not necessary for a good time at -28° below...the frozen cones imploded! Rumor is there are photos...

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